Turbulence.4D Fluid Simulation Public Beta


Sim was done in 26 minutes, then I rendered and it prepared, then Runtime Error! Program: C:… R6025 - pure virtual function call…

One step closer…

Another hint?

(Vista 64 Ultimate IE7 6GB NVidia)


Can anyone compare this to Maya’s speed for smoke fx?


Update: I sim’d 50 frames and rendered all of them without fail. I did not close the ‘Simulating ‘blabla’’ window this time. I did hit simulate and then render right after that.

Hope it helps.

50 frames sim in 3:44 min and render in 1:50 min. And it does look very pretty.



I couldn’t reproduce this one, yet, but i’ll keep digging. There are a couple of things that should be tried - i’ll detail this in response to your e-mail.


Login has changed. Should work now. I could register. Seems he let’s everyone in haha.


please tel me that ther will be a 32bit version for R11 …??!


MAC Please!

If there’s a chance of 64 bit for MAC too that would be great.


Looks like a very valuable plugin! I look forward to the 32 bit version.


Wow very interesting! Looking forward to a R11 32bit Windows version :).


Very interesting! Eagerly waiting for the mac version too :smiley:


Yeah! Awesome!


Said a few times already, but interesting stuff. Thanks for the open beta!


This plug is awesome! I tested it only some minutes but it’s very intuitive and the quality really rocks :bowdown:

But is there a way to show the simulation directly in the viewport?

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Very nice simulations !
I am eagerly waiting for the Mac version. 64bit would be perfect, since these fluid simulations are usually extremely RAM-hungry.


Looking good. Can’t wait for the mac version to try it out.


The viewport preview will be available with the next update.


not being facetious here but why is this called a fluid simulator
when it seems to only do smoke effects which IMHO are more of a particle
wheres the water/spashes/flows/ muddy goop etc.??


The term “fluid” describes basically anything that is not solid. Gases and liquids are both fluids. This term is commonly confused with liquids, but it’s still the correct name, that’s why i stick to it.

Particles OTOH are just a computational tool that are not necessarily tied to liquids or gases either. A fluid simulation can use particles or grids. It can simulate liquids or gases with both methods.
Realflow is an example of a particle based fluid simulator (although they might use several methods). Maya Fluids and FumeFX are examples of grid-based simulators. And so is T4D.

Both methods have pros and cons. Particle methods are typically more difficult to render, because they tend to look grainy and may break apart easily. OTOH, most grid-based methods are restricted to a bounding box - nothing can leave the box.

T4D will do only gases in the first release. Liquids will be added later.


Not true actually I use have Real Flow4 its a particle based system that
is “skinned” with a mesh for rendering with many settings for Viscosity etc
NO “graininess” or breaking issues if you settings are correct and we have python
scripting for advanced fluid effects.

But for smoke effects your solution for me will be a Great addition to the Cinema4D VFX toolset as it is Obviously faster than Pyrocluster

Looking forward to an OSX 32 bit release:thumbsup:


True, the skinning works for liquids, yet there are advocates for both methods. Gases like smoke and fire have no surface, though. It is more difficult to make them look smooth when the simulation uses only particles.