Turbosmooth reverse free script


I know there is the paid one from marcus sighali.
But it’s quite expensive for just this only function and I don’t have the need only once in a while.
I didn’t find any free alternative out there yet.
Is there any?
Thank you.


I don’t think 30$ is “quite expensive” - if you have need for that tool and it spares you some of your valuable time you would spend doing the reversing manually it’d consider it a complete no-brainer to buy

How much is half an hour of your work time worth ?


From what I gather, the script essentially does this:


If you can find any vertex with more or less than 4 edges, then that vertex is an original vertex, and you can easily start reversing the subdivision from there, and scale it after you finish. It only takes seconds in simple parts to a few minutes in normal parts.

If you do a LOT of subdivision reversion for some weird reason - and you should never have to unless someone screwed up-, and can’t write your own script, then 30$ a pretty good deal if it has good features like calculating the exact original vertex location instead of just scaling, and taking vertex numbering into consideration.


Thanks everyone.
Yes, 30 could be considered inexpensive, but with the wide spread of tech nowadays and that it has become so banal, for 30 euros (not dollars actually), you can have for more advanced software than one which only has one function to offer (and which doesn’t seem so complex either), and is only a plugin. For instance ATK costs only 25 dollars, and has far more functionalities.
Imo, it could be cheaper. But I agree, it is worth the investment if you have use of it.

I wonder if it would be possible to script that function, do you think it is possible josef?

Thank you kaaf for the video, I saw it.


The tool actually reverses the subdivision algorithm removing the added edges and pushing the remaining edges out to the approximated boundary. It is more complicated than just removing edges loops. It supports multiple subdivision levels and cleanup of multiple subdivision algorithms, as they all subdivide the mesh differently.

If you need it, as mentioned than it is worth it to pay the few dollars he wants. Price is typically driven by a few things like market competition (does anyone else have a tool like that), demand, etc.



Thanks for the input eric :slight_smile:


use mudbox to do that…


Thank you for the tip, I didn’t know mudbox was able to do that. But I only have zbrush, I don’t know if it can do the same.
But, anyway, I purchased the plugin, it’s slow, but useful.


Too bad for me, I just realized that zbrush does it as well with reconstruct subdiv, even if you import a non-ZTL object like obj. I purchased the plugin for no use.
I hope the developer will be kind enough so I can get a refund :frowning:


I have a question. I am looking for something like “Reduce” in Maya, that is much better than “Optimize” or “ProOptimize” in Max, because it
keeps the loops and quads, and the good topology.
This script only works with meshes after turbosmooth. But if is a
different mesh or with variations, doesn´t work. At least for me.
Do you know any script for Max to do Reduce like in Maya? Thanks in advance!


one more sleep then I’ll try H16.5 Polyreduce
(@ about 00:30:40)


just use Apprentice (FREE) then export geo back to your 3d app…


Noooooooooooice…retain details where you want…


Zbrush has this ability : Reconstruct Subdiv under the Geometry Tab.