tupperware plastic material


Has anyone managed to create a realistic translucent plastic material using the native renderer? Semi transparent polypropylene type thing? Would you care to share your settings?


try this:



Thanks Mash - that looks a bit more like perspex to me, quite brittle, it doesn’t have that soft milky plastic look that for example an ice-cream tub has. I’ll see if I can use your file as a base for something closer to what I’m after.


Mi Mitchino. Try this. I took Mathew’s material and tweaked it a bit. I added subsurface scattering to the illuminance channel and increased the blur on the transparency. also made it less transparent. downside is it will render quite a bit slower. You can experiment with turning off the SSS and seeing if you can tweak the Fog settings Matthew used to get a similar look.



I was trying to avoid SSS, at the scales needed with gi, blurry reflection, blurry transparency, the render times are painful enough. Mitchino, do you have a photo of what youre after? I was assuming you meant something like this:



Great job, Travis, you really nailed the look. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and pay the render price…


The 2016 colors are a bit garish , but …fwiw
just lum and trans, no sss to reduce render time.
This result @ 2:10 … on my old hardware.
Edit: Added lids … 5:30 render time


Thanks folks - Mash that pic is the look I want, and travis, haven’t had a chance to render with your tweaked version of Mash’s material, but your pic looks simply awesome, exactly what I’m after.

Happy with a long render if it looks that good.

This thread has got me thinking along the lines of having a regular ‘material challenge’ on the forum. Only native renderer materials allowed. With all the constant talk of which third party renderer is best, it would be good to show what the native renderer is capable of in the right hands.

One that always stumps me is in a similar vein to the transparent tupperware. Really realistic coloured plastic, especially white, the stuff that’s used for ice cream tubs, medicine containers. Same soft but reflective look, flexible not brittle etc etc.


For something like a white pill bottle you’ll probably find its much more about the lighting and scene setup than anything else. White colour, blurred reflection with some fresnel, maybe some sss if the light setup can show it off, or just a quick luminance channel cheat if not.


This is a fun idea! I like it. I use Vray almost exclusively, but digging into what is possible with the standard materials and renderer is always a good exercise.

Translucent plastic is always a challenge to me too. To get it to look really good, i always end up with something that kills render time. No fun when i need to do full HD animations :slight_smile:


I feel your pain! I’m doing 90% packaging stills, so getting the best out of the native renderer is a bit of an obsession, and long render times don’t bother me too much, though rendering out large hi-res stills for print can occasionally take as long as an HD animation…




Hi Travis, I am trying to recreate the same scene as mitchino: a semi-transparent milky plastic look. Your reply is super helpful, I am experimenting with SSS now, but I cannot seem to get a realistic result.

Your zip file is no longer available, would you mind sharing it again?


This is from 2016 …