I’m glad you see a Syd resemblance! Thanks for the comments, If I do another piece with this vehicle I will for sure have it angled. I have it this way to make an impact with the size of the tail wing. and to have a bold circle catch your eye.
Thanks again!


Agreed striking image. I think this is one of those cases that could sing praises for 3d tho. Traditional rendering, especially done like this is beautiful…but with a 3d rendering you have the ability afterwards to tweak for camera and play with composition…

Best of luck in the competition!


Superb work! very clean and elegant and the vehicle itself has that enigmatic quality of looking like the product of very advanced technology.

Good luck!


this is very nice, specially love the colors and proportions.




Thanks Again! 8 days to go, still trying to finish one more illustration!


Loved this, you just keep looking, great stuff.


One of my favorite pieces, beautifully done you can feel the atmosphere.


Hey MATArt thanks for the comments! Working like crazy finishing up my next submission, should have it done and posted tonight…


This, one of the first in this competition :thumbsup: A lot was posted after, bet this one has something special …well it’s clean simple and stuning at the same time. I would really like to see one in real world :rolleyes:


Thanks tcg! Keeping my fingers crossed for this!


Very neat! Best of luck in the competition.


One of my favourites is this one. Great design dude.


Again guys thanks you! I’m excited that so many enjoy this entry!


Definitely one of my fav’s. The massive scale and straight to the point functionality just spells winner.

Thanks for inspiring us all :smiley:


Yep! One of my fav`s too. A clean illustration, and a very diferent and stylist vehicle. I like everything in the scene! Good luck!


Syndicate and GustavoSchinner Thanks guys! Best of luck to you too!


Hey MGELA, I wouldn’t post your work on other peoples threads. It may upset the wrong person and you’ll get reported and possibly banned.


Congratulations! Nice to see one of my favorites in the winners circle! :slight_smile:


Definately and amazing achievement. congratulations all round. you must be proud. Im with Dodge or Burn on this one ;).




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