This piece was all painted in photoshop.

And thanks to everyone, this competition is really getting exciting!


yeah it does:)
congrats again for this amazing piece of art.
just wondering about the people, did u use any sort of template?


Well the way I approach doing people is to work very large and then scale down. It lets you achieve fine details. But no I don’t really use a template or anything. I just gather reference photos to work from for lighting or clothes details, mostly to enhance the realism. once I figure that out then I can just create all the characters I need.


Whoa…! Now this image specially has been able to capture a certain “essence” of Syd Mead which no other image has been able to create… I will stand for that. Once I saw this, I imagined what could have been like to stand beside this machine… a racing machine… This is definitely one of my favorites. keep it up.


absolutely the most ‘sydish’ of all the entries so far. Top of my list to win …good luck.
a breakdown of how you done it would be awesome :smiley:


Amazing work . :beer:


Hey Guys thanks.

@alan9000 well I had my sketch. I started with the background first, then determined composition. Did the vehicle in 3 parts, wheel, cockpit and tail. then the characters and tweaked the lighting and color till it felt right. Like my other work it’s painted in photoshop.




Cool AND elegant! Congratulations and good luck!


@MPavel and dodgeOrBURN

Thanks! and good luck to the both of you!


very good
syd mead+chris foss :slight_smile:


Yeap!This is it!
Look like a scene from a StarWars episode.Love it!
Great work.


Hey guys thanks!

I have never seen Chris foss’s work until you mentioned it, There’s similarities for sure (The color and stripes.) If I didn’t know better I would think some of his illustrations were done by Syd!
@LefTerris. It looks like a scene from a Star Wars episode… awesome compliment. It seems that my subconscious pulled from may sources for sci-fi inspiration!


My favorite! I have it like wallpaper on my desktop :slight_smile:


Thanks buubu! Interesting you say you made as your wallpaper because that’s what the winning pieces are used as on the Nvidia website! If you check my CG portfolio you can grab a larger version.


really nice concept and execution!
good luck


Very cool design!! I like the color palette of this picture!


Amazing. This is truely unique.


chilombiano, robotlove86, frameboX

Thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback.:slight_smile:


fantastic work! Ive been a huge fan of Syd Mead my whole life…I agree with others here this COULD be a Mead painting. Iconic, strange but understandable enough for us to identify and understand what it does. Only suggestion i would have is to angle it in frame, or frame it better feels too much like a silhouette/orthographic shot to me.

again fantastic…my new desktop image.