This is what is known as a Rotavolo. In particular a TS.2850 model, The most powerful and advanced land racing vehicle ever built. Known throughout fans and racing syndicates as Hyper Dragons, they’re a single wheel vehicle driven up front similar to motorcycles. At their prime, Hyper Dragon races were the most watched events in human history, a true united global event. But as death tolls rose, many national governments made the races illegal, deeming them far too dangerous. In time, the races were made illegal in almost all countries, causing a very swift and unforeseen global economic meltdown. With such instability, Many out of work drivers turned to a more lucrative career in crime and piracy, modifying their Hyper Dragons and forming clans. Able to reach speeds over 300mph and transporting them long distances very efficiently, these clans were very successful at creating an extremely fast and powerful force.

This illustration was painted in Photoshop. Here are a few close-ups…

                  I am definitely going to do another piece for this contest. Thanks for checking it out!

Here’s a link to my second submission! http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=6584879#post6584879


that is just an awesome illustration all round everything from the crisp design and rendering to the specific uniform design of the characters. Very well thought out, and quite a strong syd reference. Very original concept


Amazing!! the characters and the scratched paint effect is what I like most.
Good luck


Wow! thats about all I can say.


Great design, i love this “simple” form. It drives imagination how this could travel.



Thanks guys I’m glad you enjoy it, much appreciated! I was really trying to capture a cinematic feel with this.


Probably the most “Syd Mead style” work here so far. Good luck!


with respect to all the others, best yet in my opinion … well done


WOW! Amazing…


This is just fantastic! I have to say I watched the image for a long time and imagine the moment they set it up for race, some people watch this… I’m impressed :slight_smile:

Great artwork… I’m courios about the next one :slight_smile:


i love the over all render of this one and also the concept… 5 stars!!! :wink:


Really thanks again! I’m glad there is a noticeable “Sydness” to it. Your perception can change while working on a piece for a while, especially when the goal is to try and create something that is purposely influenced by another artist. Sometimes it feels a lot like their style, sometimes too much of your own. They way I approached this was trying to create an illustration that not so much made people say “That looks like a Syd Mead”, but for Syd to say “I would do that”. But I am still very happy people say it resembles Syd’s work, lol!

My new design is going to come from the same “world” as this one. It will be more of a 3/4 view to get some depth. I’ll post a very rough sketch of the basic design soon.


Here is a rough sketch for my new submission…


Easily my favourite finished entry so far, nice job!


Hi, may I ask about the software did you use to render this?
thank you


Also my favorite entry thus far. Very cool and unique concept.


wow, this my favorite, absolutely


Another inspiring rendering! I love that people are doing it old school too, not just sticking to 3D.


Very original, really nice clean piece with a strong Syd Mead look. Love it. Good luck!


I agree with the others, very nice!