Trying to recored from VCR to Mini DV into Premier Pro, Help !


Ok i have followed all the steps that should make this work, yet I can get anything going; here is what I followed :

[li]Located the Composite Video patch cable for the MiniDV camera. This cable has three RCA plugs on one end (coloured red, white, and yellow) and a single 1/8" mini plug (much like a small headphone jack) on the other.[/li][li]Connect the three RCA plus to one of the set of outputs on your VCR (these will generally be on the back of the machine, labelled “Line Out 1”, etc.). Connect the mini plug end to the MiniDV camera (the port may be labelled “Audio/Video” or “A/V”, will usually have a yellow ring around it, and will likely be covered by a flap of some sort).[/li][li]Locate the FireWire cable. This cable has a small rectangular plug on one end and a larger, “D”-shaped plug on the other end.[/li][li]Connect the small rectangular plug to the camcorder in the port marked “DV” or “iLink” or “FireWire” (it will be covered by a flap of some sort). Connect the D-shaped plug to the FireWire port on the Mac (on all machines, there is at least one port available on the back of the machine; on the G5s, there is also a port that you can use on the front). [/li][/ol] Yet The damn thing doesn’t work can some one please tell me what I’m doing wrong ?

Dell 4800
P4 2.8
1.5 G
80 GB HD
160 GB HD
Matorx XRT 10 with break out box
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Panasonic DVX 100a 24p


first off , are you sure your camera is capable of recording stuff through the composite-in ( in other words , are you sure its a IN and not a OUT ? ). if so… why not record it to a minidv tape first , then capture it on the computer.


I would love to captur it to mini DV first, how do i know if the A/V is in or out ?


ok I found out that the camrea has Video in/out (automaticlly switched)
pin jack analog composite input/output

So if I connect the RCA cables to my VCR and into these inputs i should get to record.
let me see if this works.


i think you have to put your camera in vcr-mode , then hit play on your real vcr and hit rec on the camera. thats how it works with mine…


I tryed that and I can’t understand why it didn’t work, I must be doing something wrong. I’ll see what I can do. if any has any idea what i could be doing wrong,

RCA cables in the out lines of the VCR, and into the RCA ports in the Panasonic DVX 100a 24p. I get it into VCR mode and hit record yet i get nothing.


Mine works exactly the same! cero1, when you say you get nothing, it’s recording black or there’s simply nothing happening?

I don’t want to be rude, but you should go thru your instruction booklet. It’s always a pain in the neck but you’ll probably find what to do and how to fix your problem.



Is the VHS tape something you made or is it pre-recorded? If it’s pre-recorded it’s possible that the copy protection is preventing the video from being recorded. I know that can happen when attempting to record from DVD to DV, so it’s possible it’s happening from VHS.

Also, are you sure you’ve got the RCA cables plugged into the correct plugs on the VCR? Yellow is usually for video.



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