trying to model a tank (help)


Hello friends of the CG,
I was trying to model a jet, had many difficulties in modeling it so many friends here CG recommended me to do modeling of objects to go learning more basic modeling techniques.
I am modeling a tank war (I concidero easier than a jet because it is rectangular) then got the weapons.
(sorry my english)
This is an MG-M2 that goes on top of the tank.


Hey man,

This looks really good! The chains do look a little small though. I had a look at some photos of the real thing, and the chains are several times thicker than what you’ve got.

Did you line up your model to any reference image? It looks pretty close to the real thing, but its hard to judge with the perspective in your images. For future updates, it does help to move your camera further away, and lower your field of view. I’m looking forward to seeing more!



I think u should define as first instance the main shape of the tank, then go for details like that.
So, body + tracks, which if u want to do them correctly they’re not so easy. Then, go for details like the one u’ve modeled, where the chamfers are too thin anyway.


thank you for commenting.
So this model of gun I have reference in the plan. I made this model looking at pictures from the internet even.


thank you for commenting.
I’ll be modeling the body of the tank itself, from now on I will take this concept forever. Thank you! : D


here is the tank with the reference images. I’m using just to know the dimensions that can not see the details, I believe that I should get some details on the internet real tanks.
do not know why I came up with this black part.


Let me say i really like as u approach CG, u’re very humile and always try to follow suggestions and tips. U’ve understood what i meant , just i’ll leave apart at the moment the gun, and i’d try to focus the efforts on the main shape only . Once everything will be correct and proportionate, let’s go with details :slight_smile:
Keep on !


thank you!
be continuing today and posting. : D


hello friends,
I am continuing to modeling my tank, but today when I open the file gave this error.
someone please help me?
will I lost my job? :sad:

sorry …
I’ve managed to solve, thought I had lost my job


The file may be corrupt. Try searching your computer for files named “autoback” which are the backup files 3ds creates at regular intervals. These are usually found at “C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\3dsMax\autoback”. Otherwise, create a new scene and try merging your corrupt file with it to see if you can salvage any objects.


thank you friend was exactly what I did … HAHA

thank you again. :beer:


continuing the modeling of the tank.
still missing some details on the top, took some parts from other tanks, is that I do not know the name of this tank and am also not finding the same models so I’m taking the other himself.

Thanks to all who are helping me, not only in modeling at all.


Good progress mate. Pay attention to the chamfers, be sure to chamfer everything, the littlest detail even, and try to make them bigger. Also, look at the intersections, u should delete any invisible geometry and to get a gap between intersecting geometry, chamfering the resulting parts. I know it’s quite boring but u’ll be glad of the final result :slight_smile:
Good luck mate !



well, thanks for help and give these tips.


will be a weapon that would be cool futuristic tank? a weapon laser for example I have a very nice model :slight_smile:
was looking in the tanks here and saw that some have 2 weapons … some others do not have some boxes in place of the second weapon.


You’re modelling a British “Challenger 2 MBT” (Main Battle Tank).

Here’s some pics… but just putting Challenger 2 into google will find you a lot more.


thank you friend, now I have good references. :smiley:


the top is ready, I think. This time put chamfer at all, just do not put the parts used Turbosmooth why not get the mesh was all contorted.
now I’m going to model the wheels what do you think? or should I do the bottom?


here in my reference has some details on top but I can not see searched multiple images of the same tank and seems to be smooth on top with few details that most had only seen this box seems to be some sort of periscope or sights.


It’s a sight, and it looks most like what appears in your front view blueprint… It’s a box with a door in the front which opens to reveal a darkened glass shield over a camera lens. That box is on what appears to be a pivoting joint, and the rectangular box below it is actually a bumped-up area with a glass panel on it, permitting someone to look out of the tank if they push their head against the “roof” in there.

Picture #14 at that link I gave you, gives a pretty good idea of the geometry up there.