Trying to find places to learn the softwares that are affordable?


I’ve been learning a bunch of things from my school, but to really start improving at 3DS Max, I followed a lot of Arrimus’s tutorials. It’s a free source of tutorials, with almost 700 videos in the main “3DS Max walkthrough” and then several hundred more videos on how to model specific things that the community requests. It almost feels like a paid tutorial, and I just happened to find it for free.

Udemy is having a sale right now on their tutorials, and I was thinking about buying some of them, since they’re all about $12. However, as a college student, I don’t have a ton of spare money, and I’d like to put it where I can get a ton of value out of it. I don’t think I’ll purchase the 3DS Max ones, because I get all I need to know about that (so far) from Arrimus. However, I did purchase a “Learning Maya for 3DS Max Users” tutorial a while back, and it helped a TON with Maya.

What sorts of tutorials should I be looking for paid things for? Where can I find great free resources? So far I have Arrimus for 3DS Max, Mike Hermes for general tutorials, Virtus Learning for Unreal, and Allegorithmic for Substance. Are there any more great free resources like these guys? Could I benefit from learning certain softwares off of paid learning websites like Udemy and Lynda? Thanks!

If there’s any other information or questions that you have for me (that I could answer so that you may better answer the original question) let me know, I’ll try and check this thread as much as possible.


Well Pluralsight bought the old Digital Tutors library… which has a free trial and pretty cheap subscription. Might be good to check that out.

…but for free resources Polycount is where all the modelers are at, so you should probably just live there :wink:


I concur.

I find that Pluralsight is a good resource for tutorials. Lots of topics and tools are covered, as well as programming languages for scripting.