Trying to achieve a color I don't think is possible...


Hi all -

Doing some work for a client and Im trying to color match their product from their print. Trying to achieve this bright, almost neon orange color and I cant get it to match in photoshop. Im assuming this isnt possible due to color restrictions on monitors? What should I tell the client?


Just because it doesn’t show up properly on your monitor doesn’t mean it can’t be recreated in the program. Where you might have a disconnect is if you’re working in CMYK (or simulating it) and the original was a spot colour. Because of the use of this special ink, it can produce a colour not within the CMYK gamut and therefore wouldn’t show on your screen properly. For bright blues and greens spot colours are the only way to achieve them in print, and even then it’s fairly limited to how bright you can print on plain white paper.

It’s also possible that this orange is just something outside of your screen’s gamut, but when it comes to colours unless you do a great deal of precise calibration to your workspace and colour manage your workflow, you can not guarantee that what you see is what you get.

Ask for source files from that print or try to find out if it was a spot colour.


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