Trying out some ideas



I think I´ll give it a go too…

A few doodles for a start:


And another one:


hey waterblue!!!

lookin’ real nice… like your lines :thumbsup:


hey! havde ikk lige set at du var dansker:)
nåh! men held og lykke med din thread…
-vi må nok hellere holde os til det engelske, så de andre osse kan følge med…


Monkeyboy :thumbsup:
Fisheye :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas worked out.


Hey again

just wanted to post a rework before painting, of one of the sketches posted before:

I think i´ll go for the fisheye;

i´m working on the monkey boy as well…

C & C please :cool:


Wouldnt want him to give me the eye :stuck_out_tongue:


he he, nope, didn´t think so either:surprised

Here´s a different pose…

Hope to begin painting tonight…


A last one for today:



still looking good:)


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