TrueLoad v1.0 - tool to preview in OpenGL 3d models before loading!



TrueArt has made and would like to show you the new plug-in called TrueLoad.

It’s tool that could be used in both Modeler & Layout to show in the real-time OpenGL instant refreshed preview of 3d models that you wanna to load to scene or to modeler.

Video available on our website shows objects made by William ‘Proton’ Vaughan. Thank you very much Proton for sharing with us your hard work!

Promotional price will be only to 1 May 2006!

Best Regards!


did you saw Hurley’s LoadThis! functionnality. It’s no more developed i think, but it was promising… (loading and previewing items,layers, shaders,etc…)

Of course that I saw LoadThis video in 2003.. TrueLoad was inspired by LoadThis.. But because it's a way too long not released, we decided to make something similar and give it to you.. TrueLoad in Layout also can load scenes, objects, layers, surfaces and parts separately.. In future it will also have functions to display weight map, loading separate absolute or relative morph maps from object, or maybe even transition between two selected morphs..


thank you very much


Is it possible to show SubDiv’s in preview window?

Cool tool BTW



New experimental user-interface look…
How do you like it?
Because it’s enough space for both File and Hierarchy tab, they will be probably integrated soon to save clicking tab to allow you select just part of scene|object…


from what I’ve seen in the videos you have to move the x, y slider to rotate the model…It would be a lot better to move/rotate/zoom in the display window with the mouse, just like the prespective window in modeler…


We wanted that way too, but LW SDK disallowed… It just does not pass mouse events for OpenGL preview area… But it’s possible to make a hack in the future to catch Windows mouse event in similar way as key-logger works and that’s what we will do if nothing else would work…


New modern layout of TrueLoad…
Clicking on Hierarchy Tree-List obviously restricts what is displayed in OpenGL… So you can see what contains each layer… After selecting .lws scene file in Directory Tree-List more advanced Hierarchy Tree-List is created that contains Objects sub-group, with each object with it’s Layers, Surfaces, Parts etc. that could be expanded and viewed independently… You can load object layer of scene that you have no idea where it’s really located on the disk, just by traversing .lws hierarchy…


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