Truck driver, Maxim Kostenko (2D)


Title: Truck driver
Name: Maxim Kostenko
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This is Billy, he worked as a truck driver all his life, but it turned out that he had to unlearn a school bus driver, he gradually comes into this profession, but still misses the old times …
I started this job six months ago. And recently decided to finish.
I changed a little bit light and detail added.
I hope you like it.


I like how the small details give information on the bus driver! Awesome!


Nice work! and I’m really enjoy with the bus driver…His scale and his feeling are so cute!! Cheers…hehe :smiley:


Thank you guys! I’m really glad you liked it!


great story! picture in my head becomes a reality! I hope he will take the kids to school! congratulations! :applause:


bus driver is the best
great work :slight_smile:



…and this is the truck he used to be driving…?


Great personality here! You’ve really brought out the features of his archetype well. And nice details.


Great work, specially on the bus driver :thumbsup:


thank you guys!


Nice work,
Great composition, and love all the small details
keep up the good work!


Awesome work! Yuo painted well mate. Cheers.!


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