Trouble with PlotTakeOnSelected (Python)


As you might have seen on previous forums posts in past versions of MotionBuilder before 2014:

There was, for quite awhile, no way to pass PlotOptions into a function call to:

  • The only allowed arg was an FBTime
  • The work around was to spawn a dummy character and “PlotAnimation” to pass in PlotOptions on
    the plotting, and then delete it. I tried this and it didn’t work :smileysad:

Well huzzah! MB2014 now does allow you to pass in the options…except it doesn’t do anything.

Unless I’m taking crazy pills here, I’ve clearly passed in my PlotOptions and yet they aren’t applied when the animation plots. (Specifically UseConstantKeyReducer = False)

Here’s a snippet of the code in a more generic form:

lOptions = FBPlotOptions () 
lOptions.ConstantKeyReducerKeepOneKey = False 
lOptions.PlotAllTakes = False 
lOptions.PlotOnFrame = False 
lOptions.PlotPeriod = FBTime ( 0, 0, 0, 1 ) 
lOptions.PlotTranslationOnRootOnly = False 
lOptions.PreciseTimeDiscontinuities = False 
#lOptions.RotationFilterToApply = FBRotationFilter.kFBRotationFilterGimbleKiller 
lOptions.UseConstantKeyReducer = False
FBSystem().CurrentTake.PlotTakeOnSelected(lOptions )

After running, the Animation is plotted like normal default plotting with none of the options applied. Anyone know what’s going on? Is this a MotionBuilder Bug?

Just an otter smacking at a keyboard confused…


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