- Trouble With Lightwave 7b


I’m running Lightwave 7b on Windows XP Home Edition. Lightwave doesn’t seem to save my interface specifications when I close it. When I open Lightwave back up, it’ll be shifted to one side a bit or not maximized. I want it to be the same way I left it.

How do I fix this? Doesn’t Lightwave save everything when you close it? It does save most things, though.

I was thinking of editing the config. files, but I don’t know what is what.



if you have a shortcut you use to launch Lightwave, you can specify in the shortcut properties how the program will be launched, ie maximised, minimised,…

don’t trust xp yet, but it’s like this in other winblows versions


Hey Byte, what exactly is the command line that makes it open as a maximized window? After a year of using LW, it’s a little buggy to maximize the window each and every time. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That solved the problem of the window not being maximized. I fixed the other problem on my own.


funny because Mirai was also having problems on XP where the preferences were buggy. as in i could change only once. and if i closed the app…changed a preference…the preferences would become corrupted and id have to delete them from user documents and settings.
my solution is to use Mirai on win2k :slight_smile:



right click on the icon you use to launch Lightwave
select properties
there’s a few options like target, start in, shortcut key

and… run: normal window, maximised or minimised

select maximised


et voila, add a pinch of salt and pepper, stir frequently :smiley:


I feel so stupid…


thx hawk :slight_smile:


no problemo

you’re never too young to learn



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