Trouble with Cloth Simulation object falling apart


I am an absolute new C4D user and am running into an issue that’s frustrating. I have created some objects that I want to turn into a single object I can apply cloth simulation to in order to achieve a wave. When I begin to play the animation, the characters fall from the banner even after connecting them into an object. I’ve attached two images of the before and after. If anyone can help I would appreciate it so much.


You should merge all objects into one polygon object first. Objects cannot be separate from clothilde tag in order to work right way.


Turn off gravity in your cloth sim or pin your objects in position.

Do you even need a cloth sim?


You can try CMD+D for project settings, and then under Dynamics–>Expert see if increasing ‘steps per frame’ helps.

Sometimes simulations with lots of movement break if you give them too few substeps per frame. Increasing that number will slow you down, but might help (I say this without having looked closer at your project).


If youre new to 3D, then don’t start with cloth sims. Instead keep it simple and use the wind deformer.

Create > Deformer > Wind

Then place this inside the banner at the point where it connects to the plane.