Trouble using Modo


Hi everyone, and thanks for the add.
I am using Modo, quite new to it, and am struggling to add subsections to a polygon face, I.E, when you create a cube (say), it only gives you a single facet, how do you subdivide this facet so you have a grid of sections?




In Modo 12.2v1 you need to go to the Edit menu (on the left side) in the Modo tab (at the top) & in the Subdivide section click on Faceted.


You can do that at creation time and set the number of subdivisions yourself. But once you press enter, you can no longer add subdivisions.

Then as, @hentsteph-1 suggested, you can enter polygon/edge/vertex mode and just press ‘Shift+D’ and choose ‘faceted’ as the mode of subdivision. you may have to repeat it several times depending on the number of subdivisions you are aiming for.

Another option is to use the ‘procedural’ version via the operator stack. That way you can add as many subdivisions as you want even after you have created the cube.
Press ‘N’ to create a new empty mesh and from the ‘add item’ drop down in the scene list view, choose add operator and choose ‘cube’ ( or any other primitive )
The cube will remain editable.


Thank you…