TRON pinup, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: TRON pinup
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Personal work.

My great love for TRON legacy, in cabaret pinup form.

Grey & closeups:


Ok, you can give him another Award right now …

OSOM Andy :wink:


It is fantastic! very beautiful and original


you know what . i think you deserve award , but she is alittle short dude .


Great as usually.

I just dont like one thing - the red reflections on her hairs - they should be more orange than red and also not so thick. This red spot artacts the whole atention of viewer:)

I love the glow effect, just great!

And I wish it was in bigger resoultion :I



The neon lines are actually an orangey red, like the ‘bad guys’ in the film.
Its just that where the light is more intense, it is whiter, hence that pale orangey look. The true colour is shown in reflections, hence the floor and her hair having a red reflection.
Im still pretty new to Vray, so i wasnt sure how to make the reflections more accurate.

Smokypro - she’s a lover, not a fighter :slight_smile:


That is pretty sweet. Good job.


I still can’t get over how consistent you are with your work. Love everything about her.


Beautiful! I just love your style! Seeing work like this makes me realize just how far I need to go as an artist.


You’re becoming quite the regular up on the front page there, Andy.



Shucks, thanks Leigh! blushes

There should be more frontpage art updates. The features are good and all, but for me, CGtalk is all about the artist showcases.


I totally agree. December was a really crazy month for me so I slacked off a lot on front page plugs for artwork, but I’m getting back into the swing of things again now.


:slight_smile: More than front page! another award :slight_smile: deserved! Cheers Love TRON and love your work Andrew!


Absolutely stunning render. My only criticism is that the vixen looks pre-teen in proportion, but with obvious anatomical enhancements, like a beauty pageant kid. Confusing… :argh:

I really like the choice in background as well.


Hmm, im not really seeing the age thing. Should her legs be longer? Her head smaller? Im used to doing stylised stuff, so perhaps the proportions are not perfect…

Greyscale & closeups - right click / view image to see it a bit larger:


Looks amazing!


Stunning work! very stylish and well done.


Beautiful :slight_smile:


Beautiful! Just OSOM!!! :smiley:


Love it ! Congrats, another great piece !