Troll - Got Fresh Milk, Andreas Chrysovitsanos (3D)


Title: Troll - Got Fresh Milk
Name: Andreas Chrysovitsanos
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop

Did this model to learn some new workflow techniques and enhance my modeling and texturing skills.

Models is done in Mudbox. Textures in Mudbox and Photoshop. Rendered in Mayas MentalRay. Hair is done in Photoshop…for now. As soon as I have time I’ll try to learn some fur techniques.

Big thanks to Jonas Tornqvist for all the tips and tricks on this one!


Great ogre. He actually reminds me of someone :wink: -Beautifully rendered too


A very good render, I love the details and the effect of the rim light :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for the cow though hehe

Cobra 6


Tjena Andreas.

Grymt jobbat! Kul att se nått nytt från dig :slight_smile:

How long did it take to finish him?
How did you light it? no FG?



Amazing work, this dude is full of character and he reminds me of someone too!


Wonderful!!great job!!


That’s really phenomenal stuff right there. I do wish you had put him in a scene however. Maybe stealing cows from a farm with a farmer chasing him from his house? Or something of that ilk would be a fun narrative…shrug.


I really love this one! I like the effect of the thumb slightly pressing into the cow and the lighting and textures are great!


Cool character and nice rendering! Congrats!


You can work for the movie Trolljegeren 2 :wink:


Thank you all!

leemale:, AUMAKUAIt:
Funny you both think he reminds you of someone because I got that response during his modeling process. Though I don’t have a clue who that could be :). I made this face straight from my head but who knows…maybe I had someone in mind.

Tjena Jonas!

Tack, jag vet, det var ett tag sen. Bättre långsamt än aldrig antar jag ;).
He took between 3-4 weeks from scratch to finish. But as I said, this was mainly a workflow focus so I wanted to go through all steps and experiment. I tested everything from rigging, skinning, clothsimulation, some animation etc.
I light him with 3 area lights and FG. So, nothing fancy there.

Thank you for the compliment and to be honest, I wish I had put him in a scene to! :slight_smile:
I was thinking about it alot but just couldn’t find the time lately to build everything that I had in mind. So…I took the easy way out this time. :sad:


great work:) real nice troll. good lighting and texture’s:)


Amazing job, really… just amazing !



I just did a quick update on the background. Thought it looked so flat and boring when seeing it in the thread :). So…I added some smoke and gradients.

How do I continue to post and add “bigger” pictures in this thread? I only get attached thumbnails when trying. :hmm:



haha det är lugnt fattar att du sliter hårt på Dice :smiley:

3-4 weeks isnt that bad considering that you work on your spare time, it turned out great.
How do you manage to keep the shadows all dark with FG? 0.1? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the new backgound better! :slight_smile: A nice touch would have been do add some smoke rising from the shoulders as well because of the heat from the sun since he is sooo tall and the strong backlight (I am thinking battlefield 3 poster).


That’s a nice character … Mad cow? :slight_smile:
I like modeling and render.


Good ,work !:thumbsup:


Awesome character. Congratulations!


Hi and thanks again for all the kind words!

leemale:, AUMAKUAIt:
Hi! I think I know now who he looks like. Someone mentioned this and I agree. It’s Gerard Depardieu, the actor! :slight_smile:

Glad you liked the new background better!
Thanks for the tip, but I think I’ll leave this picture as it is for now. Maybe i’ll do something more with him later on instead. Though…it would be fun to pose him as in the Battlefield3 poster with the smoke and all. Maybe we could have him on the cover instead :wink:

Here are some more closeups and angles of the Troll btw! Hope you like them.



Awesome, beautiful execution, wooow…