Triply Periodic Minimal Surface Structures


Thought I’d give this a shot here. I have a client that wants to create some animations and imagery based on how their products integrate with bone. Their implants use a series of sin and cosin functions to create a 3D configuration. Easily created using volume builder and a Shader Field, except I don’t see a way to roll your own noise using functions, so to speak. Is anyone aware if this is possible in c4D? I see Rhino has a series of plugins specifically for this type of thing, but really don’t want to invest in that.

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This is the formula I was given but in no way am I smart enough to make sense of this enough for it to generate something in c4D. Any insight would be incredibly appreciated.



I can’t answer your C4D questions but just dropping in to say that I love these minimal surface objects.

That 's a gyroid function IIRC. Search YT for gyroids you might find some useful info.

I think Rhino and Grasshopper are the tools for this job. If you want free then there’s Blender and Sverchok (Cricket) procedural design addon. I have absolutely no idea if C4D/Scene Nodes is capable enough to help you???


Hey Info! I appreciate that, man. You’re absolutely correct, this is a gyroid function and its equally fascinating and making my head hurt. I did get far enough along to know this can be done using Rhino and a plugin, but this is getting to the point where it’s time to search for outside help. Is there someone you might be able to put me in contact with who we can pay to help with this? Either figure out how to get Cinema to do this with the Function field and volumes or create these for us in Rhino?


Hi Troyan, if I could help I would’ve already done so.

I think your best bet is to find a grasshopper user. I’ve looked at tutorials on YT and it looks straight forward with Grasshopper.


Everything math related in C4D always look first to the ingenious 3Dmeier :wink:

But I just saw the scripts do not work out of the box…too bad


An excellent resource.


That is an excellent source, and that’s the thing. I need a math head to tell me how to write the formula’s so they work in c4D. I’ll look more into YT and Grasshopper. Is that Meats?



Have you not tried the Formula Field with the volume object?

I completely forgot about the formula field until I had an epiphany in the shower this morning.


I did try it, but just plugging the formula into it does nothing. I’m not smart enough to get it to work with the correct syntax etc. if it’s possible. Seems like it should be. I would gladly pay you or anyone if you can get it working in Volume builder with Cinema. You game?

I’ve been talking with Jurgen, but his approach is by creating tiny cubes with python script and it is not going well :).


If anyone can make this work in Cinema, please reach out to me and I will pay your for it. Thanks!