Trim Sheets issues with seams, need direction, using blender/unreal/quixel mixer


Trying my hand at making a trim sheet, but obviously don’t fully know what I am doing, I used quixel mixer to make the trims. my issues has been seams. the model is 400cm by 400cm built in blender, then placed in my unreal scene. any help would be appreciated

I am using Textool in blender and I setup texel at 205, thats another issues I have, is not knowing what to set it to. Other than knowing all should be same texel for this to work.

If i had to sum up my questions, they would be what is a good way to get tiling to be good and reduce seams, how to properly know what texel setup I would use, and finally best practices when doing trim sheets, as I feel I am lost on the manner. The content I found so far is how to bake a complex trim sheet with zbrush and the like but perhaps rules to follow would help me here.