Trifecta Trefoil Knot - An alternative technique for bridging "handles"


In knot theory, the Trefoil is the simplest form of a nontrivial knot. In this tutorial, I’ll show you one possible technique for creating a similar structure to Trefoil, which I call a Trifecta Knot, in 3dsmax 2017. The Trifecta Knot is, in actuality, a manifold triply twisted torus loosely based on a Trefoil Knot. This tutorial is also useful to show an alternate way to bridge between two polygons, using the “Extrude on Spline” feature which has been around in 3dsmax for over a decade now. Using this technique, it’s possible to simulate the “create handles” mode in Topmod, which is probably the most elegant way to create curved bridging in any 3d application.

If anyone out there is a MCG guru, I’m sure there’s a way to simulate the Topmod handles feature even better using MCG, since the routine is based on a Hermite curve path, which is now accessible in the MCG spline features. It would be quite handy to have an extrude modifier which could automatically create perfect curved bridging between two polys in a MCG modifier format. Until then, this is one way to accomplish it without Maxscript or MCG.

**Hint: If you put the edit poly modifier into “Animate” mode, you can edit the spline and change the extrusion on the fly, allowing you to experiment with different objects and shapes.