Hi people.

Some friends and i are planning to make a little project called “Trickster”, it’s a little Live-action short film (about 1 minute duration) based on the Matrix movie, it’s just a fan-made film to see how far we can go with our skills in Film making and Visual effects.

Antonio Mendoza ( a friend of mine who saw one Matrix Sentinel model i did years ago suggested to make something interesting with it, like some vfx integration or something, and i also wanted to do “something” interesting using a lot of VFX stuff, so that’s how the project started, let’s hope to see something exciting out of this.

We’re going to post work in progress of the project, and some experience that we can get with it. Here there is a preview image from the sentinel model, and the plasma rifle that we are going to use in the film, i did the model-textures and Antonio is doing the shading and lighting.

you can also visit this blog to see the work in progress:

Thanks a lot, all C&C is welcome :D,

Regards, Felix Joleanes. ( )


Hi there!, Antonio has made some shaders for the plasma rifle, and a render of some still image, check it out!,

quote from the blog:

The matrix lighting-ray-plasma rifle used by Cypher to kill Tank and his brother in the movie is one of the props that we are going to use in the film. We intend to use a cheap-easy-to-build-physical version of the weapon for the actress to carry, using some pvc pipes with some tracking points, and we are going to replace it with the digital version in post. In the movie they used a real one, well not real… i mean it can’t shoot but well… you know what i mean!. But i find it quite difficult for us to build an identical replica in real life so we’re going to use this method instead. By the way it was difficult to find reference pictures of it, so i had to take snapshots of some frames of the movie and try to “guess” some pieces of this device, so if you find any bolt where it doesn’t belong… sorry about that :P. Antonio has already made some cool shaders for it, and i got some textures…


Hi there!,

i have been working on improving the Plasma rifle textures, we have made some adjustments on the shaders as well.

And Here there is a turn around video:




The same work that was done with the rifle was done now with the sentinel character, using the same texturing technique.

Here there are some stills:

And here there is a video sequence:



Awesome progress so far, are you having an actor hold the CG gun in the shot just out of curiousity?


Hi!, thanks for comment Andrew, and yes we’re going to have an actresss holding a dummy weapon made with some cheap pvc pipes, it’s going to have some tracking marks to be able to match move the thing and replace it with the cg one.

Thanks again, bye.


I have built the dummy weapon that we’re going to use, the actress is going to carry this dummy which is going to be replaced with the CG rifle in post, here i’ve made a little making of :wink:



we have made our first match move test, you can watch the video here:

While making this test we realized some things that need to be fixed:

  • Dummy too big, i will chop off the barrel, the top and back handles, that will also help to avoid rotoscoping those parts.
  • The match move was not perfect in the bottom handle, a track marker there has to be used all the time.
  • Some weight has to be added to the dummy, the movement seems a little fake because of that.
  • I’m considering to paint the handles green to be able to chroma key them.
  • Other minor render and composite adjustments.



Hello!, we have made a little integration video test with the sentinel. The Match move was made with PFtrack, render with 3ds max and vray.


Loving the tests so far! The script for the tentacles is brilliant as well, nice work.

  • James (Auri)


Thanks a lot James, i actually used some wave modifiers to control the tentacles, with a mix of other rigging stuff XD.



A friend of mine (Jhon) will be helping us making animations of the sentinel in the Trickster shortfilm. He has made a little animation test to see how the sentinel rig is working, so far we have found some issues with the rig thanks to this test and they have been fixed, now we have a rig more suited for the animations in the film.

Here is the animation test:


Yesterday was our first day of filming, it was harder than we expected, but a lot of fun though!, we learned a lot about film production from this experience.

in this link we have some pics behind the scenes :smiley:


Hi there again,

The Lighting and shaders process has begun. Here we got two previews of two different shots (Sentinel and plasma rifle). These previews don’t have final comp, just a simple composition to match the colors and levels in each shot.


Might be a little late since you’ve already started shooting, but just checked out the matchmove test for the rifle and it looks great but the weight is off - just wanted to say I think if you were to stick some weights onto the dummy rifle (gaffe tape should do it) it would make a huge difference in believability when it’s all comped together.

Other stuff looks nice though. Good luck!


Hi astu, thanks for comment!,

yeah you’re right about the weight, fortunately before shooting i made some modifications and added some weight, and it helped a lot, the actress didn’t liked it by the way, lol, she was upset for carrying that heavy prop around all the time :D.



Esteban Ariza who specializes in High Res 3D modeling is helping us with the model of the aircraft that we’re going to use in the Trickster film, this job is still in progress, several details and texturing still remain to be done.

Here you can take a look to some stills showing the progress so far.


Hi, Esteban is almost done with the model of the aircraft, a lot of work has been done adding details and general polishing.

Here there are some stills of the ship. some other details will be added later, it has no textures yet.


More progress with the aircraft, i have used the same technique that was used with the sentinel and the Rifle.
Using several metal, dirt and rust textures, mixing them with cavity and occlusion maps. Again vray was used for the render.


We’re now in the final stage, we have completed all the Renders with the big Help of William Rodriguez from Here’s a Still from one of the shots and it’s render elements: