Tribute To Two Fighter Pilots (p-51d Mustang), Ronnie Olsthoorn (3D)


really awsome work man:thumbsup:


Ronnie - amazing as your normal work is - this is (IMHO) you best work yet!

Excellent work - and thanks for sharing the details with us!


Awesome pic as usal skyraider ! Very good Work ! :thumbsup:


All I can say… This beauty deserves FRONTPAGE!


WoW! Exellent work 5 stars from me, should be CG choice.


Your work isn’t only excellent in the artistic sense, but it’s also great that you made it for people who sacrificed so much. Congrats on a great project.


I think color correction need but good modeling and rendering :thumbsup:

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This is a beautiful work. Both in detail and composition.

You should definately feel proud of your accomplishment and especially in honoring the vets who flew these planes.



as always amazing work:)
(5 stars)

post a wire please.


Thanks very much for the amazing response and ditto rating!!! :bounce:

I must say, the response from the veterans - and you guys! - indeed gives me a great sense of pride which I’ve not experienced before with my artwork.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the presentation and meet these guys myself, as they live in the States and I live in the UK. But thanks to their friend, who came up with the idea in the first place, I’ll soon have some nice signed prints :slight_smile: Here are two pictures of the veterans, signing the copies of the prints for me.

-tolga-, colour correction? Are you referring to the over all reddish hue? That’s intentional. WW2 colour photos often have a reddish hue to them, plus the image depicts an early morning (as can be seen from the clouds). If this is not what you meant, please explain me :slight_smile:

Pionier, please have a look at the WIP thread for wireframes:

PS. I am really honoured so many of you want to see this on the frontpage!
But if nobody lets the moderators know by PM, they won’t know! :wink:


Great work ronnie. Definatly has that wwII painting feel to it. Those prints are pretty large, what res were your final textures at? Its motivated me to get started on a lancaster for my grandfather who was a squadron leader in wwII. Now I’ve got to get good reference about the lanc “piccadilly princess” from the 424th bomber group. What aviation forums did you end up getting help from?

great work as always, really nice attention to detail.



Definately five stars Ronnie! Speachless :slight_smile:




very nice, great scene…


Wow! Nice work Ronnie! I love all of your work, you put so much detail into everything. Just two questions:
1)Did the bombers give off that much exhaust? I’ve never seen it like this before.
2)How did you manage to take a picture out of the plane? I tried that this summer over the Alps, but I only got a blurry view of the frost on the window.
Five stars for you!:thumbsup:


Synthesizer, bombers arent giving off exhaust, they’re producing contrails. if you looked that up online you’d find this definition

Contrails are condensation trails (sometimes vapour trails): artificial clouds made by the exhaust of jet aircraft or wingtip vortices which precipitate a stream of tiny ice crystals in moist, frigid upper air. They are the cloud-like trails of water vapour that can be seen in the wake of airplanes, either from their exhaust or sometimes from their wing tips.

the picture out of the plane maybe depends on your ability to manually change settings but I’ve taken quite a few out of aircraft shots that turn out really nice. just make sure its focused on the scenery and not the glass :wink:



really well done mate

The palnes look superb and i like the colours too , the veterans must be chuffed with the pic


Amaizing work! I love feeling. Textures are just great!


Thanks for the info:thumbsup: About the pictures, I was using a crappy 2 megapixel camera and it did the focusing automatically, so that would probably be the reason.


Thanks once more, everyone!!! :slight_smile: Your comments and votes are appreciated a lot!

–mi–, thanks, looking forward to seeing your P.50 appear here on CGTalk.

Thanks Arai!
I use a lot of textures on these, but the biggest ones are the wing (4560x1200 for top and bottom each) and fuselage (4080x1320 for each side projection). In the airplane texturing thread (see sig) I explained more in-depth about the texture setup. I overcomplicated it a bit, hehe :rolleyes:
Cool to hear your grandfather flew lancs! You should definitely make one asap! :slight_smile: If you need extra references, drop me an e-mail. I wish I had some vets in my family, but I’m afraid my late grandfathers weren’t as “fortunate” as Holland was quickly overrun by the Germans. Sometime during the war the Germans started deporting adult men to do force labour in Germany. One of my grandfathers taken to Germany and spent part of the war doing force labour there. He experienced many traumatic events as the town where he worked got bombed on a regular basis. He hardly ever spoke about it. My other grandfather had more luck and living on the countryside he was able to hide from the Germans in his own haystack when they had one of the “razzias” in his town. In fact, numerous men in his street found refuge in that haystack then. Must’ve been well scary… :sad:
Anyway, I am wandering off… but do make that Lancaster! I bet it’s gonna be awesome! :smiley:

Simon, I think Arai more or less answered your questions, but I can’t resist adding a bit more info! :slight_smile:
It can indeed be a pain to make pictures out of a plane when there are ice crystals on the windows. If you only have an automatic camera, zooming in may help but at all times keep the camera as close to the glass as possible.
As for contrails, they’re similar to the clouds that appear when breathing on a very cold day (or into the fridge! :D). They in fact posed a threat to the bombers, as contrails could get so thick, they could decrease visibility and occasionally led to mid-air collisions. But even worse, they instantly gave away the location of the bombers, so German fighters could easily find them from miles away. Plus enemy fighters would hide inside/below them, thus enabling the to sneek up on the bombers, unseen, to launch their deadly attacks from up-close, without any warning! Me 262 jet fighters used this technique a lot, as they could easily catch up with the bombers.
More about contrails: (nice photo) (contrails + spiralling prop tip vapours!)
Okay, enough typing for today! :smiley:


Excellent work Ronnie :thumbsup:

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