basically my first zbrush model, other than my tests to get acquainted with the UI and modeling tools and brushes. its a cool program.

after im done in Zb, im gonna texture, rig, and do an animation (knock on wood)

triceratops, BTW modeled originally in lightwave


Very nice. Are you using 8 or 7.5?

I am going with the ZSphere’s modeling. Export OBJ to Lightwave for refinement and back to ZBrush for sculpting.



it started in 7.5, now finished it in 8. then imported into ZB (as OBJ), and now adding detail.

I think I’ll stic with LW to start my model, but the zspheres looks interesting, when I have a hang of the tools, I’ll give it a go. It’s basically sculpting to me. All new stuff. Fun though.


little update:


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