Trek Madone, Brendan McCaffrey (3D)


Title: Trek Madone
Name: Brendan McCaffrey
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, VRay

This is a project I have been doing in my spare time just for fun. Modeled and rendered in Max with vray and using only HDRIs for illumination. HDRIs were created using HDR Light Studio. The images are pretty much as they were rendered with only slight contrast modification in PS.

additional images:


Amazing work! perfect… 5 stars…


exceptional detailing !

How did you get all the references?


god… and i thought that my Trek bike render looked good.
yours its fantastic... im speachless… the detail is impressive.
5 stars for a flawless project


beautiful renderings :slight_smile:


Very nice :thumbsup: great modeling, materials, render,…I like it :slight_smile:


wow man!
very clean
i really like the modeling!


Amazing renders. Good choice with the keos and reds.


Really nice work…


Beautiful pictures! Love the detail shots.


It sucks!.. Na only messing.
Amazing work. No crits what so ever. :buttrock:



woooow these details and perfect rendering. amazing work


very nice man!


wow, amazing man!
from having a background of bikes, all kinds, in my family & knowing them so well, you pretty much done it with each detail.

the one small detail that caught my eye was at the end of the break cable, where it has the little cap on it, it has the dents from where the wrench would dent it.
also the links on the chain has imprints on them, huge detail that really makes a difference.

the only thing i can think of adding, but that’s only my preference, would be having some scratches or some blemishes on the bike. kinda of give the bike some character, even bikes that are fresh out of the box aren’t a perfectly clean slate bikes. but that’s only me.

other then that it looks quite awesome man! nailed ever single part of the bike perfectly.
love to see some wireframes.


nice man ! HC modeling ! very clean and realistic :arteest: greets from Slovakia !


Thanks guys!

references were easy… I have the real thing sitting right beside me! Although mine is black and red and equiped with Dura Ace and the much more modest Race X lite wheelset instead of the Aeolus 5.0s. A friend of mine runs Sram Red so I took a few fotos of his setup to supplement the internet references. All the logos and decals were recreated with paths in PS from foto references.

I hear you Jay about the micro details but I actually purposefully avoided those on this project, sort of a stylistic choice really. I grabbed a few wireframes for ya. Nothing really special about the model though just tried to be fairly accurate and detailed. I’m still fairly new to max and this project was a way of familiarizing myself with max’s modeling tools and processes. It’s still missing a few details though like the shifting ramps on the chainring and the spoke eyelets on the rims plus the carbon fiber layup pattern on the rims is wrong but maybe I’ll come back to those later.

Here are the wires:


Best HQ NURMS model I’ve seen… Very great applause :applause:


yeah great modeling
thanks for sharing wireframes with us


Impressive work Brendan.

Nice renders and I like your attention to detail.


Awersome! Fantastic! 5 stars! Very beaultiful and detailed work!