TreeSketch - Free Interactive Tree Modeller for the iPad


I have just released a new version of my iPad app, TreeSketch 2.0 (Formerly Treepad).

TreeSketch is an interactive modeling program that allows its users to quickly create diverse, realistic 3D trees by combining procedural generation with a multi-touch interface of an Apple iPad for detailed control of tree form.

Catch a video here:

A collection of video tutorials are also available at:

Steven Longay
TreeSketch Developer


Very nice even though I have no ipad. :surprised
Wanna see a window version too. any possibility?


brilliant little app, very smart and artistically driven way of doing this, I’m gonna be playing with it all day ahahah

very nice work


I could’t believe this can be had for free. Thx a lot for this cool app.


Steven, that looks really good. I’m impressed with the various growth and modification methods you’ve implemented. You almost make me regret giving my iPad away. :wink: Now I might just have to buy a new one.

Are there any plans on releasing this as a “full-blown” application for OSX? (Perhaps utilizing Apple’s Magic Trackpad as a touchscreen substitute). The trees I tend to generate (with the archaic OnyxTree) can sometimes end up being rather large (10+ million polygons) especially Conifers, so a version of your application running under OSX on a beefy Mac Pro sounds highly intriguing to me.

Is there, or will there be support for exporting curves/splines (which can be of tremendous benefit when it comes to rigging or regrowing a tree inside Maya/Max/Softimage, etc.)

One thing I’d love to see is some sort of hierarchical export options. OnyxTree for example exports sub-object groups in categories like: Trunk, Boughs, Branches, Twigs, Stems, Leaves, etc. But what actually would be a lot more useful for rigging would be to have sub-objects parented in a hierarchy under every bough.

Are the meshes that are generated for export to other 3D applications triangulated or quadrangulated? I would hope it’s the latter. It makes modeling operations (especially edgeloop selections) much easier. An OnyxTree mesh comes out triangulated. One can run a quadrangulate mesh operation in Maya for instance, but if the tree was generated with branch twisting (highly essential in my opinion) the quadrangulation no longer generates clean quad meshes and as a result any fast mesh manipulation becomes a nightmare.

Anyway, great work!


really nice app. any chance of export to other 3d modeling packages like 3dsmax? plz give a direct link to download the app.


looks great. Now please release a pro version with 3d file export to dropbox.


I really like the app. My little son too. :smiley:


sign me up for an osx version!


that is so cool


What an amazing app. Thank you so much for it. I only wish you could email-export the fbx files.

It exports fbx so you can open it up in whatever app you want.


I am glad I have an ipad… wow!


Nice little app! What about licensing of the exported trees?? Commercial?? Non-Commercial?


I have seen the algorithm being presented last year (or was it the in 2009 not sure). I don’t have an ipad but very nice implementation and nice features added to work with it. I especially like the workflow. Good work (and definetly an inspiration for my own) :thumbsup:


Congrats on the great app!

Another vote for an OSX version here :bounce:


Looks awesome, will have to try it out (I just got a first gen iPad a few weeks ago, so many great apps).


Looks interesting but needs an Android version. I’ve got a duel-core Tegra 2 processor just itching for something like this.


Yes this is great fun :slight_smile: Could easily have cost +$20

But to bad it doesn’t export file textures for the leaf and branch.

+1 for an OSX version
+10 for and version that works directly in Maya with grow feature and higher polycount. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you can access the leafs etc if your ipad is Jailbroken, then just root in and grab them. Not tried, but I wouldnt be surprized if its that easy.


It looks very nice indeed and works well. … First test of export doesn’t work though :frowning:

Exports the fbx but importing into Max brings in the leaves + branches geometry but both are empty objects (0 faces)

  • agree with the others, a windows/android version would be fantastic :slight_smile: