Tree (ZTree) tips/feedback? Not getting results I want


I’ve been playing around with the Ztree plug-in and while it’s very convenient, I still have trouble getting the results I want.

Method: Ztree for wood, fibermesh+nanomesh for leaves/flowers.

  1. I never get that nice mushroom-shaped plumage! It always looks all lumpy and areas are missing giant patches (red circles) . I dont know if Ztree has tools to help achieve that shape or if I’m doing something wrong.

  2. I’m having a difficult time placing the leaf/flower planes (using fibermesh + nanomesh). They tend to clump up and not fan out from the branches evenly. If you look at the edges of reference tree, there are long thin stems filled with flowers but I can’t for the life of me achieve that look.

Any tips on how to get better looking trees would be appreciated. I followed this tutorial which IMO which had the best instructions from all the videos I’ve watched if anyone’s interested in the workflow I used: