Tree Of Wisdom, Agios (2D)


New high-res version

Light and dark,
white and black,
the good and the bad
the genious and the mad,
birth and death,
the same old paths,
the same old battles,
the same questions will always come,
nobody will win,
nobody will lose,
the one without the other canot be,
this is the balance of the old tree.

So now you may choose your path
Which will be the light or the dark?


Beautiful work ! I love the expressive nature of the work…

Technically I find the leaves very well done.

Front page material imo.


beautiful piece of art.:applause:




Wow, looks great.
Only one thing I can see wrong with it:
It’s in the wrong place, unless that’s really 3D, which I doubt.


really impressive artwork,lot of thought and impact,nice poem…
great stuff :applause: :surprised


I chose the middle!:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Very beautiful use of color,I like it :slight_smile:

Small crit : there seems to be a harsh dividing line at the very bottom center.


Um…this is 3d? Please post a wireframe.

I think the transition between the two sides is a bit too harsh. You might want to make it a bit more gradual.


hey katapliktiko an kai vriskese se lathos gallery :slight_smile:


Sweet i like how it has the line that really gives it a good and bad feeling.


Nice painting, where did you get your inspiration?


Nice. Reminds me of the Sephiroth, or Tree of LIfe.


Interesting idea, Love this kind of evolution. LOL :thumbsup:


I find this very very inspiring thank you very very much, I was interested in how people would do grass, trees, etc… exactly in this sort of style (or slightly similar to what I intended in some attempts of mine). Thank you again it helps me alot! Keep it up!

Can you describe how you did the grass, the tree leaves, the tree trunk, etc… a bit of tips here and there wouldn’t hurt :smiley: I am an arts fundementals student at sheridan and just trying my hand at digital from time to time

I sometimes unlearn what I know digital due to the fact all we do is traditional hehe… I want to go for 3d animation but I have to go through traditional and the like… I personally enjoy 2d but I just love 3d so much as a form to tell stories so :confused:


here is a similar theme by artist AlexGrey


nice, colorful and expressing :applause:


Originally posted by Omnicrola
[B]Very beautiful use of color,I like it :slight_smile:

Small crit : there seems to be a harsh dividing line at the very bottom center. [/B]

Agreed. I noticed that one from the previous version (wierd that this gettin plugged now, not then).

Nice work, but personally i would like that the transition would be smoother.


very Beautiful, I really like the idea.


beautiful work man. You noticed the line on the bottom center yourself didn’t you? other than than very nice work