Tree house, Kjartan Tysdal (3D)


Title: Tree house

Name: Kjartan Tysdal

Country: Norway

Software: Blender Fusion 3dCoat Photoshop

Submitted: 27th March 2015

I am currently a student at the Animation Workshop in Denmark, and this tree house was made as a self study at school. I wanted to try to get more comfortable making environment projects.
Here you can see a 1 minute “making of”:

Hope you like it!



I have a “thing” for adorable tree-houses, and this is a really nice one! “Plugged!” Plus, your short ‘making-of’ movie is terrific.


This is fantastic Kjartan. Capturing something that stylized in 3D, that ain’t easy.

Great job! :thumbsup:


Wow! Thanks a lot!
I’m very happy you liked it :slight_smile:


I actually thought it was a 2D painting until I watched the movie, and then I thought it would be 2D multi-planing or camera mapping. Really nice work. My only issue (if you could call it that) is that the water doesn’t read well. It almost looks more like a road. Perhaps an old row-boat on the shore would be a good addition, if you are still working on it. Also, the stream wouldn’t have grass growing right down to the waterline. Any stream will have at least a very narrow bank where the water has risen and fallen, even if only slightly. I think this is what’s giving it the road-like appearance. But those are minor things, really. When can I move in? :thumbsup:


This is superb!

Did you do anything special with the shaders as well or is the look mainly achieved by very nicely handed painted textures?


Wow, excellent work! Really love the painterly style, it’s fantastic! :love:


@pollos - Thanks :slight_smile:

@Artbot - i was actually thinking about putting in a rowboat (i should have done that instead of the dock), but i got a bit lazy towards the end. I also agree about the river bank. I might pick it up again and do some changes, but i need an easter break first :slight_smile:

It’s nothing special really. I just spent a lot of time sculpting and painting it all by hand. The only real trick is to keep the shaders and lights relatively diffuse and flat. You can see how it works pretty clearly in this early render.


Loving what you have there! :keenly: In which software did you do the most painting in? I see Blender, Coat and Photoshop, all you can paint with


thanks! I’m doing most of my texture painting in 3dCoat nowadays, though I did paint some of the smaller things in Blender (it’s starting to become a pretty good texture painting tool too).


You never cease to amaze me, Kjartan. This is, by far, your cutest and best! Thanks for sharing the experience. :slight_smile: - Reyn


:keenly: Very nice work, Love tree houses.


Very nice render !

Julien Weber / Freelance 3D Bordeaux


Amazing work!


That was my thought. Once it started moving I was like :drool:.


I really like the cartoon feel and mood. Very well execution…


Once again - awesomeness! Congrats on the plug! :slight_smile:

Oh. Go Fusion!


nice concept and color.


Storytelling image, I can almost feel it.
Very nice!