Travis Howe; 2010 Character Animation Reel


Hi Everyone!
I’ve recently put together a pass on my Character Animation Reel. I am currently working on a dialogue – something I know is lacking from this reel.

Thank you so much for any thoughts and critiques you might have to offer.



Nice reel. love the animal anims. really nice. Last clip is hilarious…great work :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nick! I took a look at your reel. It’s AMAZING!


exelent work


Thank you Milicko. Beautiful renders in your portfolio!


agreed great reel man, I like the animation with the guy with the green hair, as he hanging onto the string while it move down stairs, to me that displays a lot of character, the only thing is I think the beginning animation was a bit to long, to start the reel off, maybe cut some of the beginning part of that animation to shorten it by a few seconds, other than that good stuff man


Nice work man, really solid game pieces. I would remove some of the AM exercise/earlier pieces, your other pieces can hold up there just fine.

Keep up the creature work man, really great to see!


Great work buddy! I love the variety of Dreamworks style character stuff, game action, and creature animation. Someone give this man a job!


Very nice, Travis! There are some great pieces on here. You can probably lose the ball dude bouncing across the fence-- it only lengthens it without really adding much. But either way, fantastic work. You should have no problem finding a job.


Thanks all for your very kind thoughts and remarks! More to come!


Very cool reel! But I too would remove the ball bouncing on the fence. You show some good timing in other pieces so it doesn’t add that much to your reel. Quality over quantity right? :slight_smile:
But really impressive work!

On a less important note, I think the blue burning letterbox effect is distracting the viewers eye away from the reel itself. Keep in mind that this is a very small thing, but I don’t see the point in having it there.

But good job Travis, very inspiring!


You’ve got great anim skills!!
…agree with kaleidoscope about the blue frame at start…no need at all…
Great work overall!!


@Sam, ha! he HAS a job, its helping feed his baby good sir! :slight_smile:

Great reel trav, glad to see the short film clips mixed with in-game, i think when/if you have more short film shots, id start taking out more and more older game stuff, only because I know your reel could be all character/dialogue/acting stuff and you’d be shopping yourself as a solid animator without having to prove “game”.

Or do like vet animators do, have a film/acting reel and a game reel. but obviously thats farther down the road when you have a lot more content to pick and choose.

good job


Yes indeed, I do have a job.

There’s also “lots of content from which I can pick and choose” already, this is simply a reel cut together of my favorite work. I am planning to cut together a game-only reel eventually, it’s just not high on my priorities. This is more of a show-reel than a demo reel (but feel free to contact me, regardless :wink: )

Thanks for the kind thoughts and useful notes, all!


Excellent reel Travis.
I am in awe :). I especially loved the detail of animation in the big & heavy characters, they had a very life-like sense of weight to their movement and I feel this is something character animators don’t show enough of in their reels, good job!



nice stuff


cool man that is cool every thing from timing to weight to overlapping

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I know I’m dredging this up from the distant past, but awesome reel! Nice weight, especially in the rope shot. Really looking forward to your dialogue piece :slight_smile:


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