Travis Couch - Fire And Ice- Finished `Beyond The Wall`Challenge


Hi guys! Here is my entree for the challenge, Im excited to draw some Game Of Thrones! :slight_smile: Here I have my initial sketch, as well as where Im at with my bg. I also included my wip for the background too. Cheers!


Here is another update, I added the city, and placeholder trees and dragon just to start adding the elements I need. I have a lot of work to do left haha


Hey guys, Here is a new wip. Dragons are next lololol

cheers! T


Hi Guys! I finally touched the dragons haha


Hi everyone
I’m finished my piece, "Fire and Ice’ for this challenge. Here is the final illustration. Im glad I got to finish it before I go on vacation. This was fun!

Travis Couch


Awesome work man! Congrats and have fun on your vaca!