Trapped!, Daniel Lieske (2D)


Nearly perfect! 5 Stars!!!

Stay creative


I was a huge fan of your journey begins work, so that’s the same for this one. Really like the colors, details, the way you put the child on the center of the picture…
Just :thumbsup:


wooow…Daniel you kiled me with this one!:love: …
<<“I am Daniel Lover”:scream:>>

color composition is perfect!
also good character design and good composition


keep it up!


The lighting is amazing! I can’t look away from the lower right corner, where the lights falls from the canopee creating saturated colors. You’ve got a great sense of lighting, contrast and colors. I also dig the amount of “figurative” details such as the last goblin running behind or the bridge made out of a fallen tree in the background.
Keep it up!


Beautyful! It really gives you the sense of a story beyond the picture. Really would like to know how the kid went there and how will he escape (because he will escape, doesn’t he? :D).
Frontpage for me!


I’m joining the love parade on this one.

I think that the best thing is the comostion. It’s perfect. The choice of the scene and the way it lends itself to highlighting your main character while also leaving room for all of the creatures couldn’t be better.

My second favorite part is the creatures. Drawing one convincing character is one thing, but drawing so many in so many different poses from so many different angles and perspectives is not easy to pull off, and you’ve done a marverlous job.

The other thing is the color and lighting. You’ve got greens blues reds oranges… I can’t think of a color you haven’t found a hope for, and the lighting is dramatic and convincing.

According to the furum guideleins I am summosed to leave a critique as well so here goes:
The angle of the hands and sword is a little strange to me. i think that if you angeled the sword up slightly or changed the hands a little bit it might work better for me.

A wonderful piece. Fantastic on so many levels. Congrats.


Very beautiful and wonderful colors
good job!!


Oh this is such a wonderful painting :slight_smile: I’m gonna give it a good 4 stars! Excellent stuff.



wow, those colors are just jumping out of the screen.

There is really nothing missing in this piece. It’s dynamic, it has great character work, interesting light and a great composition that leads the eye.

Just pure eye candy and very educational.


I love this piece, and I love your “the journey begins” work.
Nothing is missing, and as in your previous work you pay a strong attention to details.
In the journey begins there were a lot of object reminding the theme of the piece.
Here there are the colours.
I’m writing this comment with the image opened in another window… and I can see that the use of colour is very functional. Cold colours are used to give the impression of depth like in the forest, but also in the skin of the far goblins.
The use of light and saturation is simply masterful. It keeps the ambient a little dark, leaving the light focusing on the kid. But the forest, the goblins don’t miss their colours, so the scene keeps all the joy and the chaos of a child imagination.
The composition is very balanced, the character very detailed, and everyone of them is different from the others and seems to have is own style…
I’m working on a piece called “Enchantment in the attic”… you strongly inspired me with your yourney begins work… i hope you’ll see mine when it’s finished.


oh my, this is such a fun image!
Beautiful colours and nice storytelling.



This is stunning, Daniel. Just so rich and beautiful and evocative. You’ll spot similar kids in my portfolio, I love the theme of childhood magic and imagination. Thanks for sharing this. And it goes without saying, this need to be plugged. 5*


Very nice image! A great sequel to the “Journey”! 5*


Great work! -plugged.


I think everybody said it all already! Your piece is awesome!! but I’ll still say how it affects me… it makes me go back in time when I was a kid and all I could do is to pretend to fight evil creatures… your piece is just awesome! congrats and thanks for taking me to that place again!!!


And so the story continues… :slight_smile:
Excellent outcome!
A little nitpick:
Personally I don’t particularly like the design of the guy with the beak and eyepatch on the right and the purple one next to him. But I sure love the rest of the pack and overall the acting of the chars is really great.
Is that Mister T in the lower left corner ? :stuck_out_tongue:


What a wonderful enchanting piece. Very inspiring and original :slight_smile:


wow, great coloring!


something just doesn’t seem right with the hair but otherwise it’s great. love the mood and the fact that you took another step further with your journey begins entry. hope to see me in the series


a fabulous sequal:Da very lovely and the entirely setting blends perfectly.:thumbsup:
perhaps a trilogy for this fantastic journey?

keep it coming mate~