Trapped!, Daniel Lieske (2D)


Title: Trapped!
Name: Daniel Lieske
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

This image is sort of a successor to my painting “The Journey Begins” as it shows one of the adventures the young boy has to face in the fantastic world which he entered through a magical painting on his grandfathers attic. We see the boy surrounded by goblin pirates who want to bring him to their king’s castle.

I painted this image in Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Intuos3 A4.


I love this piece! Great composition, though I’d tweak the upper right background so it does’nt fight with the little guy on the spear shaft. Your use of colors is great. I love the first piece from tis story too. Good job.


sweet :buttrock:amazing work on characters personality and lightning … and colors … and athmosphere …etec etc



hey daniel,

saw the WIP of your piece on your thread over at the DAF. never had the time to comment. the final piece is an amazing work and surely one of your best so far. light, colors and chracter design give it a deep and dramatic atmosphere. looking forward to see more of that quality from you.



Huch, das ging ja fix! Als ich es das letzte mal gesehen habe, da war es noch ein WIP. :wink:

Beautiful image, straight out of a fairytale.:slight_smile:


Sweet, Daniel! Its nice to see a continuation of the story and good to meet a familiar figure again! The lighting and colours are beautiful! Reminds me alot of Hildebrandt’s work! :slight_smile:


very, very, very nice!! plz one more in that world! :smiley: :thumbsup::applause:


Indeed amazing job - fantastic use of colours 5* from me :]


WOW, the thumbnail so doesn’t do it justice! Amazing work, your colour choices are to die for. Needless to say - 5s. :slight_smile:


5 stars!

I hope you will continue this story, it’s great and the universe and protagonist are great!


Woo,indeed great dramatic lightning and wonderful colors!Nice the story goes on,love the character!5*


Beautiful work! There is a lot of energy in this piece. Great colors, composition, etc. Easily 5 stars from me.

Great job.



AWESOME!!! Love the style and your work! Great visual story as well!

I want to see that boy open a can of whoop-a$$ with that wooden sword against those goblins!!!


That’s amazing; It has that fairy tale feel down, and the rendering itself is superb. Great composion, choice of colors, and very creative. 5 stars.




Frontpage if not the award…


This rocks!:buttrock: Frontpage, please…


Very nice! I like the sence of volume you gave to the Characters!
The only thing that I noticed was the ‘blue halo’ around the boy. It’s a tad to obvious you did this for the composition but thats just nit pikkin :slight_smile:

5 Stars for sure!


thats to cool for school!

great work top marks.
love the feel of it and the story you tell with the image.
EDIT* I think you should get a choice award for this !


Wow, I just entered the painting yesterday before I went to bed and this morning I’m surprised with such nice comments. You really make my day here! Thank you very much! When I’m at home later I will post some sketches.