Trap Jaw (MOTU)


I recently heard the Masters of the Universe game was released in Europe, which sucks 'cause I won’t be able to play it here in the US. Regardless, I was inspired to create my own motu game characters, here’s trap-jaw. He’s around 1500 triangles, I’m happy I could add so much detail on the textures instead of adding polys, and I did a lot with transparency maps. c&c welcome.
ps. I’m looking for a Job!


Great work, the model is surprisingly well defined for just 1500 polys lots of detail that is supported by a very good texture job too.


For some reason i always loved the He-Man villains color schemes. They were always so different. Anyways great model! If anything i would add more rust, and a metal look to the Jaw and head area, and the maybe some wear and tear to the Hook on his hand. I don’t knwo if you were trying to model based off the old ones, but i remember they had larger, more muscular legs. But other than that it looks great! :thumbsup:


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