"Transpose Master Problem" Help


I have this model: https://prnt.sc/gsgs2s
I hit “TposeMesh” and pose my model using some brushes and Tranpose tools: https://prnt.sc/gsgrns
Then I go back I press “Tpose > SubT” and I got this: https://prnt.sc/gsgr0x

This isn’t always happening. This problem also occurs Tposing the mesh and then exporting(with groups enabled!) to maya and back to zbrush.
When I do this(zbrush to maya and back) without groups enabled i don’t have problems.
I also get this message when I import back to zbrush from maya: https://prnt.sc/gst5ow , because i get the same problem when using maya to pose my mesh and when just pose the character in zbrush, they may help you underestand what is happening.

Also i experiment a bit and when i delete some polygons from the mesh and then Tpose > SubT i got another message so this isn’t causing the problem. I also tried meshing up my polygroups and making a real mesh with moving vertices all over the place and i didn’t get the problem so this isn’t the case too.

Thank you!


Whenever exporting a model, ALWAYS have groups checked off.
Having that checked on, is telling the software to make each polygon as an individual island. That’s probably why your TPose looks the way that it does. All the polygons are seperate and not sewn together, hence not knowing how to stitch it back together.
Also, when you get the message of the ‘unused vertices’ I believe it means you don’t have a clean mesh. You may have Ngons or floating planes or overlapping triangles. Typically you would want to press yes. But you should figure out what you messed up on during your process. If you dont know, clean up the geometry in Zbrush so you dont work with a messed up geometry because that may give you a headache later down the road. :slight_smile:


Yep. The fact is zbrush works with vertex order, so ANY operation (and you’ll have to find them on your own, there are no lists) that change vertex order will result in such mess.
In my situation i suddenly started to get very informative message “toolname skipped” no any other details, no explanation…
Actually sometimes when you export obj with >>exactly same parameters<< once again and import it to zBrush it SUDDENLY start to work.
So the best guess is to perform some sort of magic ritual before you try… >_<

Figured out my own problem. It caused when subtool name became changed. Now i ONLY need to track where transpose master stores txt with the list of the names =_=


to solve your problem,i think you should ZRemesher all tool/subtools


Btw exporting the Tposed mesh to another program I found a way aroud, my main problem is when i pose my model inside zbrush using Transpose Master.
Changing names does not cause prorblems for me.
How can something change vertex order?
Btw all my my tools are ZRemeshed.
This is happening usually when I spend a lot of time posing in zbrush. Does not happening always.:banghead:


check your maya export setting because the only time i seen this https://prnt.sc/gst5ow is on imported obj from another package,
zremesher will not give you that error,
at least i never seen it happen or herd it happen.

are you using GOZ to import/export
or doing it your self?


I export/import it manually. I actually don’t get problems when i export from zbrush with groups checked off.
I have checked almost all export setting in maya.
I think I might need to upgrade zbrush to the latest because i have version from 2015


Just wanted to ask what revision and with what updates you using =D


4R7 i don’t know about the updates


what version of maya you using?

found this not sure how old or new this is , sounds like a import/export problem with or with out goz
and upgrading zbrush probably wont fixs it either, but you could try.
GoZ is not compatible with Maya 2017 at this time as there are major changes to Maya’s import/export architecture