Transperency for MR shaders??


I have a texture of leaf mapped to a planer in Maya.

The shader is a MR shader node. What I would like to use is an alpha channel to cut out the leaf shape so as to appear like the shape of a leaf.

I tried to use the way Gnomon teaches in their latest PX course but Maya 2012 does not like thier method of using a reverse node and lumanice node and use a single tif file to achive a tranperency mapping.

In 2009 it works fine no crashing. I test making the shaders in there. But my whole project is in 2012 and is not backward capable due to QT I believe.

Any ideas?


Try to save your texture in Targa (*.tga) format, works fine for me in Maya 2012. Or just make separate b/w alpha map and use it as Cutout Opacity.


I found the problem,on regular maya shaders the alpha in the transperncy attibute was fine but on the mental ray shader I had to go back to the texture file and turn on alpha is luminace under the Color Balance Attribute and then use the cutout opacity onthe acutal shader

Thanks for your input


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