transparent wings tutorials?


Hello all,

I am the newest of newbies and have been lurking for a couple of weeks now. I am very impressed with all the talent and knowledge on this board.

I would like to begin modeling a bug, but I am having trouble finding any info on how to approach doing transparent wings,like in a fly or dragonfly. If anyone can point me in the direction of a tutorial that I can relate to that, I would really appreciate it. Hopefully I will have something to contribute to the boards someday. :slight_smile:


try also check out the tutorials section of (this site is much better for forums). Also the holy grail of tutorials is Gnomon Workshop who taught me 80% of my Maya knowledge. Where/ how are you planning to learn Maya? if you are not into highend film/ tv it’s probably not the program to be learning, i’ve been using it for 4 years now and a lot of the time i wish i had learnt Lightwave/ Xsi instead, for the lower end jobs i’m actually doing. Best of luck anyway


Thanks for the link. I searched this forum’s tutorials and didn’t see what I needed yet,so I will be happy to have more places to search.

I am actually a sculptor,and the studio I work for is introducing me to Maya.On my own time,so I really don’t have any learning help. I am looking into Gnomon as well. The digital department is growing, and with the use of scanners and output machines,traditional sculpting is becoming more of clean up work than creativity. Just not what it used to be. So I am broadening my horizons! It is much more involved than I ever would have guessed,so I will plug along and it will take some time.

Thanks again!


doms, I’m just curious, why would you have preferred to learn XSI/Lightwave instead of Maya if you were only doing lower end jobs?


I was wondering that also…:surprised


If all you want is transparency in the wing you can just modify the object or it’s shader in the attribute editor. Just goto transparency and set it to around 45% that should be good for bug wings and modify your material’s shader, you can probably find a good one on if you don’t want to make it yourself. This one looks pretty good and that will make it look like a wing.


DJ, Thank you very much for the info and the link.



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