Transparency and Backdrops


Please, help, this is very frustrating…

I just noticed that LW is not integrating transparent items with the backdrop image, where the backdrop image is inserted from the Compositing tab. I can’t believe I have never come across this before. FPrime does the job correctly; LW doesn’t. Why and what can be done about this?

Alpharalpha isn’t doing the trick with the complex object. [Interestingly enough it creates a whole bunch of vertigo spirals]. Will rendering out a sperate image and alpha pass to be composited in Aftereffects have to be the [long] way of getting this done?



Here, I don’t get it to work with FPrime (1.5), neither. And if it worked, I suppose that it would be a FPrime’s bug, not LW’s bug; that is due to the purpose of this tool (Background Image / Compositing Panel) I think; since it should work as a 2D composition software, not 3D; it’s for example what allows us, to use a HDRI Imageworld with another background image without this background affects our illumination or reflections.
What you want we can do it through TexturedEnvironment or putting a plane behind all our objects with an image mapped (Front Projection) :slight_smile:



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