Translate a Maya Python API tutorial in english? (Create custom locator)


Hi all!

   I wrote a french tutorial about the creation of a custom locator with the Maya Python API:
   I don't think there is lot of Maya Python API tutorial on the CG international scene so I could translate it in english but I just want to know if it interests someone. I don't know if there is Maya devs or maybe curious wich are interested by Maya Python API.
   Just tell me ;)
   PS: I'd already create an post in programming section but I was wrong. So this is the good post

EDIT: Translation is done (thanks to Daisy C. Lyle and UrbanFuturistic)


I’m sure there are quite a few API beginners out there that would really appreciate an english translation, myself included!


what about google translate? ;]
btw: the original link didn’t work

I’ll have a look at it. Thanks for sharing!! :bowdown:

I’m actually not burning to write a pyPlugin. But I’m very interested to do my future stuff with python instead of mel. But its still working so well ;] (what a rhyme)


I will see that.

That may be enough. Tell me what you think about that.

Thanks for feedback! Solved!

So google translate is enought?

I’d post a “billet” about using Python instead of MEL.…-Ou-l-inverse…
My result was:
“If you know MEL and don’t need Python specifics features (string parsing for exemple): Don’t use it!”
But it depend of everyone. For me, I continue in MEL when I have to write script.

Where Python Binding is very interesting is for use Maya API without compile plugins for specific platform (Python Plugins will work for Mac, Linux, Win). And in production, it can be very interesting. Of course you lose speed but depending of the plugin you wrote, it’s not always necessary. :slight_smile:


Interesting read. I wish I had time to help =(…

I get a 403 on ‘’ though.


Thank you, Why not. PM me for informations :slight_smile:

Very strange… Don’t know where it coming from. I will search!
EDIT: Solved. if file is in .py, it try to open it. I’d replace all .py to .7z


An adjustment to the serverside mimetypes might fix the 403 problem if that’s doable.

Anyway, I’ve PMed you with a query.


Thanks for help! But I can’t do that. Server is a 1and1 server…


To post suscriber, Translation is done (thanks to Daisy C. Lyle and UrbanFuturistic)



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