Transition Maya to Cinema 4d hard time


Hello, I do have experience in 3ds max and advanced in Maya. As i new in Cinema 4D. I encountered weird behavior of cinema 4d as would say cinema 4d most likely combination 3dsmax and after effect ( correct me if i wrong ). I need help to those have experienced Maya and Cinema 4d to solve my transitioning process.

The problem is :

  1. Is there manipulator for gimbal rotation in Cinema 4d?

  2. Why there’s multiple position/translate channel in f-Curves?. The extra channel/tracks displayed in f-Curves seems have information in there, when i delete those curve it doesnt effects my animation.

  3. In Maya we could copy/paste animation information depends on selection order ( such as mirroring ). Is C4D have same features?

  4. Is there a way i can select multiple keys in f-Curves using rectangle selection? Since in C4D, once i do that it always select whole curves.

  5. Can i display f-Curves to be stacked view mode like in maya?

  6. How many tools that C4D have to manipulate curves? ( etc. in Maya we got lattice, retime, region )

  7. Is Motion mode have same function like Time Editor/ Trax Editor in Maya to produce non-linear workflow of animation?

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1 - Can you elaborate?

2 - Can you show us? C4D splits PSR data into separate xyz curves if that’s what you mean. some of those channels may be flat depending if they have animated changes or not.

3 - Copy past of anim tracks is a bit clunky. You need to add a track to the destination object first, then you can copy paste data to it. eg. drag an animated and non-animated object into the timeline, right click the unanimated object and add a position track. You can now copy and paste position data onto it. (tip: select Bookmarks > default bookmark to get back to automatic timeline mode which shows all animated objects.)

4 - The curve highlights, but you should find you only have specific keys selected.

5 - Select some keyframes on the curse and choose Fcurve > auto relative

6 - Not that many, depends what you need really. Keep in mind there are lots of right click tools and options in the bottom right attributes window when you select a keyframe. Region mode is under Edit > region

7 - Yes, motion mode gives you motion clips for NLE. To get started, select Animate > Add motion clip


This is one area where C4D really falls down (for me). The F-curve editor is horrible. Lightwave’s is far superior and that’s about 25 years old…


Have they updated the Motion clip system in C4D to store more types of Data in the last decade?

If not the OP will be a bit frustrated going from the Maya Trax editor to the C4D
motion clip system.

Even the free Daz studio has a better motion clip system as it stores
animated Morph Data for looped breathing,speech phonemes eye binks etc.


Thank you very much for your reply!

1 - Once we in rotation mode , the axis manipulator will rotate depends on rotation order that we have set like parenting system. ( eg : If rotation order is xyz, the manipulator for z and y-axis will move along when x-axis changes but if z-axis changed, there’s no movement for x and y-axis )

2 - Sorry, I not save when it happen.It might be yes for what you mean, I have deleted it but still cant find how can it get duplicated for position xyz and some of my tracks when i animate.

3 - Thank you for useful tip. Yes, it function quite similar with maya. However in maya can store animation information according to selection order. ( eg : Select in order object X 1 -> X 2 -> X 3 ( Copy ) Select in order Y 1 -> Y 2 -> Y 3 ( Paste ) the result animation being pasted is ( X 1 -> Y 1 ) ( X 2 -> Y 2 ) ( X 3 -> Y 3 ).

4 - Thank you!

5 - I have tried it, but still the curves overlap to each other. ( here example stacked mode in maya )

6 - Thank you!

7 - I hope it great for non-linear workflow


1 - you mean this?

2- would need a video to show what you mean

3 - this sounds like a good idea,

4 - it looks liek you are selecting curves, but actually you are only selecting points:

5 - also interesting.

6 -

7 - it takes some tinkering… not sure if “great” is the word i’d use for it.


Number 5 is not available. I also ask that question.

You can see some of the responses here:


Thank you very much guys!! very informative and useful!!!