Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - SuperBowl Teaser Trailer


480p, 720p and 1080p videos at

ok, seems like there’s an official video at MTV’s website now. There’s also a link to the 720p version in there. Check it out:



I can’t wait to see the movie :smiley:


Looks sweet. If someone could give some valium to Bay when he´s filming and editing the action sequences this time,i think that ill be happy :slight_smile:


thanks so much Kris

see ya buddy



Woooooo… nice…

Seems like they are going for the same atmosphere, but this time the story will be a bit darker. Great lighting btw where prime jumps on the huge transformer.


Yay I love giant robots!


Here’s a higher quality one on youtube…looks like a bunch of great eyecandy.


Antropus,can we expect stuff like images of transformers since youre a modeler of the movie?


Giant robots + megan fox = all kinds of awesome


This looks epic! I can’t wait for the movie.


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see this one in the cinema. :bounce:


The only thing that would make this movie better would be if it was in 3D, haha, idk maby.
How much involvement did you have on this movie Antropus? Because I know there’s plenty of other movie’s you could be working on.


I think it looks pretty cool, and knowing Bay will be a very fun ride.


Dont care about the movie at all but I like the one eyed quadruped robot walking on the beach(the video I watched was really poor, so if its not a beach, and not a robot with one eye, forgiveness is requested).


Nice in so many ways!

Tranformers 1 was actually rather poor, or at least not a very good movie. But just by being so insanely massive it was probably one of my most memorable movie experience so far. Think of Bay’s movies what you want, but he sure is a talent when it comes down to action… and add some ILM eye candy and we have ourselves a ride:D


I like the dark feel of this one…looking good!


Hey man! How’s life back home?
Congrats on the job well done!

Nah, I just posted the links because this was the only Superbowl trailer still lacking in our list and already available in several websites. I’m sure they will make more images available when they think is the right moment.

I wish I could say more now but I can’t. In a couple of months I’ll be able to do so.



If Megatron is not in this movie I’ll be greatly upset

Summer 09 hurry up and get here


Can’t wait to see it! I think I saw Ravage? IDK


The ILM eye candy is what I paid money to see in the first movie,and I’t seem like it’s going to be 1uped the second time around.I just hope they do a better job of the human characters in the story this time.