Transformers Movie news


Might be great, but then again, that’s what I said about Hulk…


Never seen the hulk yet and probrably wont…
Now this Tranformers dealio…might take the cake…
I mean this is very"unreal" stuff…so its more doable than the Hulk because his character was supposed to be human(real).
What Im trying to say is I think this might do well…
I would just like to see some of the artists around here take part in it because I have seen some awesome renders and modeling of Mechs and Transformer characters…:thumbsup:


This will sure be something to see, I have no clue how he will pull this off.

It will have those Spielberg-ian moments where you have the push-in on the wide-eyed kid and you feel like you’re 10 years old even if you’re 35.

I can’t wait!


I’m getting excited just thiking about it, hope it’s good. I really hope its good!!


Does anyone if Transformers - The Movie , is any good ? I saw the DVD somewhere, and I loved the original series :thumbsup:


you’re talking about that old animated movie right? if so … i remember seeing it back when it was released, and i remember that i loved it, very cool movie (at least i thought so at the time, might have to watch it again to make sure) :slight_smile:


Thanks Fahad for that reply…I also read something on IMDB (positive comment there) and I might just pick up a copy for old time’s sake and to have something to watch just before when the new movie comes out :slight_smile:

edit if anyone’s interested, you can read about it here :


I loved it and try that where I found mine, quite cheep too.


Great link Acree, if it is out of stock where I saw it I could try it there.


This is awesome news!! I sure hope they get it right, I can’t to see this one come to life!


I think that goes for vertually all of us!:thumbsup:


Lets just hope they don’t make the movie like they did to Thunderbirds, like Spykids, terrible man… sigh…:sad:


Yeah that was wrong, mind you Thunderbirds wasn’t too bad just as long as you didn’t think of it as thunderbirds.:curious: confusing isn’t it.


It depends who they are going to make this movie for, that will tell if it’s going to be sucessful/or a good movie.

If they make it for the Generation one generation (like myself) 24-30 year olds , I still haven’t gotten over optimus prime dieing, then it will be a great movie, and intelligently written.

If they make it for “family” audience and try to intriduce transformers to a new genration of toy buying kids, then it’s going to suck big time.

If they try to make a mix of the two…it will be ok. I’ll watch it no matter what, and I hope they keep the old tranformation sound when the autobots transformed…that was a wicked sound.

Oh and sound wave would definately be an mp3 player, with ravage and the other two being extra memory cards :slight_smile:


The best part about the Transformers “The Movie” is that the opening title theme was the song they used Dirk Diggler to sing in Boogie Nights.

You got the Touch!
You got the Power!

Your a WINNER!!!


Well time will show!!! Go Optimus !!!


Thats odd!!

Hey anyhow I’m only 14 and I still want to see it I hope they make it for all ages like the did the original (sort of). Whats the problem with it being for my age group anyway?? Adults could watch it too although I kinda get your point now.


The original movie was about killing off generation one to sell more toys…lol

They did it in such a way that was great though. I mean I was very young when I saw the transformers movie in the theatres (I think I was about 6 or 7) but I remember very vividly, and I actually cried when optimus prime died… and never got into the whole rodimus prime thing becasue I was so broken up over Optimus… At that time when i was a kid, Optimus Prime was my hero…

Anyways I think my point was that they need to capture the nostalga that made transformers great in the first place by each transformer having it’s own destinct and flashy personality. Not neccesarily limited by an age group, that’s just an example.

If they make it just to try to make a quick buck and not appeal to the old fans by trying to do something different, then it’s going to suck big time.


That might not necisararly be the case. Some thing new might not be too bad but I understand where your coming form I saw thunderbird and that didn’t go down too well with me.

Even though the first movie was about killing of most of the g1 characters, they might try and do something similar here after all athough why I don’t quite see. gee that is a scary thought.

By the way I thought they brought optimus back later something to do with the hate plage I think.


Did anyone ever see Beast Wars Transformers which was on for 3 or 4 seasons? Then it when to Beast Machines Transofmers which ended in 2 seasons. They were awsome 3d animation “saturday morning cartoons” but without the toon. A friend and I recoreded as many as we could ( getting up early on a saturday morning was kinda of hard back then.)

Tring to find a link but cant find a good one.

oh wait here it is

btw if you go to projects and click on beast machines there is a short little trailer you can see.