Transformers_Mini Cooper, Kevin CK Ng (3D)


Title: Transformers_Mini Cooper
Name: Kevin CK Ng
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Inspired by the live action movie Transformers by Micheal Bay, here I created a Transformers character of my own during my free-time.
I’ve chosen a Mini Cooper as my vehicle just because it is my dream car and I would love to see how it looks like if it is a transforming robot.
Please do drop by and comment or critique, and I hope you like this Transformer! Autobots, transform and roll-out!
ps: this character is an Autobot x)


haha very nice ! i love it ! :thumbsup:


Thank you very much Turri x)
You’ve got a nice portfolio! been thinking to make realistic human face for sometime xD


Over all great work, very true to the style in Bay’s film.

The texture on the tires is a bit too shiny though, instead of looking like new tires or polished tires they look a bit plastic and out of place with how well you have done the other textures.

Also the characters right hand weapon is not quite as believable as his left hand which you did a superb job on the heat distortion.

The two bright red helixes in the legs clip through the shaft they wrap around ever so slightly, and seem a bit too saturated (could just be the way the light hits the one in his left leg).

Your glass texture in the windows seems a bit off as well, not sure how textures in Maya work compared to Cinema4D but you could probably turn your transparency up and up the refraction just a bit.

But all that is nit picking, very nice work!


Hey Kevin ! Great work man!

I really like it. :thumbsup:

You know what would really bring the robot to life? If you comped it to an actual photograph, perhaps a car sale park with normal mini coopers and your autobot next to them!

Keep up the good work. :beer:


Nice Transformer!
Are you planing on animating the transformation? Did you model first the car, and then transforms that into the robot?
Im thinking for sometime now, create one, and animate the transformation, but I dont know the best aproach, or solution for this ISSUE.


Nice, I like this “Mini” Great Work


Thanks Stanton for the crits! I could see where I could improve and places I did not take care off now. For the window, I was actually trying to get a tinted-like feel, so I made the transparency low, but guess it did not work out well x) will do better next round! thx!


Thanks Leonikou, yea, I 1st wanted to comp it with a live image, but couldnt find a picture with nice angle n lighting. Probably will go shoot it myself x)


Yeap, i did model the car 1st then plan where the parts goes to and become the body. I used reference from the movie itself and Hasbro’s Transformers figures.
I did not plan on the transformation,therefore, I’m not planning on animating his transformation.

I’m not very sure the best approach for the transformation, but I guess you need to really sit down and plan it parts by parts, n not forgetting about the design itself.

anyway, thanks for viewing!


Thanks everyone for the crits and comments so far.
Here are some wireframes of the model, and also the 1st version of the design which I wasnt happy with. x)


fantastic work, i love it!
I was trying so much to do a transfomer like this, but nothing was like this!
Any hints for me ?


Thanks FreakT x)
I’m not sure what kind of hints to give you, lol but I could tell you my process of doing it.

  1. 1st of all I get myself alot of references, especially from Transformers movie itself, a blueprint of Mini Cooper together with images of the car and also references of car parts.
  2. Then I started modeling 1st the car and then extract them parts by parts. And I also model car parts separately.
  3. After disassembling the car parts into the body of the robot, i started sketching the character’s head.
    Then I complete the head’s model and start placing the parts to where I think would look good. And I also model the weapons separately.

Since I’m just planning to work on a still image, I did not plan on the transformation.
I hope I’d answer your question x)
Many thanks!


i thank you soo much, will will give it another try!!! it could take a few month but i promis, i will do my very best! Thanks again


Excellent work. I don’t see any reason that would prevent such robot to be in the movie :slight_smile:


Thanks subaruwrx x) I refer alot to the movie characters especially Bumblebee,Twins and Ironhide.
Anyway, good luck FreakT! I spent quite some time working on this too x)


Great work! This looks really good. Unfortunately the Wire pictures don`t work anymore.



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