Transformers DEVASTATOR, Javier Carabajal (3D)


Title: Transformers DEVASTATOR
Name: Javier Carabajal
Country: Argentina
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hi all,
Im happy to post here, this is my last work devastator. This is for all tranformers fans who dont like the new movie designs. Anyway I think the movie robots are awesome, but they could be more similar to originals. As you can see I didn change anything, because I wanted to do exactly like original. I hope you like it, comments are wellcome :slight_smile:


Very beautiful transformer … :thumbsup:
Lovely modeling, material and render
Only his hands are a bit basic …

By the way, the new transformers are amazingly nice …


very detailed work…which makes me wonder why you cloned every single tire texture.
Other than that …very nice work.


Awesome job…4*


Yes, i really like the classical design, very good work, man.

All the best


cool i hope they write devastator into the next movie… well done on the clasic model.

Hasnt this been posted once before? reworked? i remember the background for some reason.

only crit now that its been brought up is the tire texture if you cloned it i would have rotated it so they all dont have the same placement it looks rushed in detail when they rest looks good.

Nit picking i guess keep it up


hi my friend

nice modeling.bravo
3 stars for modeling


Yea super work, but from where did some of those parts came out?(hand? lol) Thats why they did some more “alienz” designs, and the parts were all in the vehicles, not just random parts that cant even fit in the vehicle.



i love the cement truck for a leg 4* from me


I remember seeing this on a few other boards. You’re take on Devastator is truly amazing. Have you considered doing an animation accurate color scheme? (all the black parts would be translated into a violet, though personally I’d go for a dark purple). One thing that gets me though, is why you have tires on the thighs? Is it just artistic preference?


I seen it over on 3D Total some months ago and as I pointed out then, this is very well modeled & textured! + detailed niely.

While your comments on the new movie designs are warranted, I still dont beleive I’d take a film seriously, if the robots were designed based on the original cartoon. And yes the new Transformers are AWSOME! So was the film!

Again nice work bringing translating it to 3D with textures.


it’s a good work!


fantastic work! :slight_smile:

may I ask, how you did the ground? :wink:


Great Javier ! 5 stars


ok that’s really cool. I’ve always wondered something however. Wouldn’t that bulldozer on his right foot pick up crap while he was walking or running?


Awesome work!

My only question… is what vehicle did the wings on the chest come from??


Hey Dude, that right there is 5 star work. I feel the nostalgia and I feel Devastator right about to stomp some ass.

Everything’s great! You got the lighting right, there’s even a bit of glare around the corners.

If you ask me, there’s only one little thing. I’d rather see everything around him Devastated and ripped apart and have billowing black smoke coming right out of them. Those crane pylons should be twisted and the trees in the background on fire.

Then it’d be really sweet hahaha



Yeah, that’s the way I would have prefered it be done. The movie was great but if they had done the robots like this I could have given it a 10 out of 10 instead of a 8.5 to 9.


Oh yeah, five stars.


Muy bueno!

I love the concept :thumbsup: