Transformers: Age of Extinction


Why the transformers aren’t in human form, is because they won’t look cool then. Well the thing is, tranformers have taken human form before but with disastrous effect.

Here’s a close up, I wonder who might you be-


Mitt Romney as Ultra Magnus?

I’d ask why they all became space plumbers, but future fashion was as bad as anything else in the 80s.

I didn’t know they did that on the new series, too - meh.


Quote for agreement. :beer:

I totally like him as an actor. I’ve seen him doing all sort of stuff (Drama, Comedy, Action Comedy, etc) and he did it well.

His money shot was in May Payne when snow turned into fire storm. That was awesome!


I don’t see how turning snow into fire was Mark Wahlberg’s doing. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is interesting, obviously some of the toys are far off from the film versions, but you can get some idea of the dinobots and others forms.

There’s a definite medieval fantasy or ancient japan / anime vibe all over the new characters, especially whoever the Veyron is. Did Bay watch a lot of Escaflowne?

The first pic is a click through slideshow, that’s where all the relevant transformers are.

Also, namedrop there, Galvatron is in this, and he’s also a truck? WTF?

Doesn’t look like that would be Ultra Magnus. :curious: :shrug:


Looking at the toy designs… I think my “Chinese Dinobots” theory is gathering steam. :stuck_out_tongue:


I find it extremely far fetched even in his universe that humans would be able to make transformers, especially after all that business about the AllSpark. Of course it hasn’t stopped them from “finding” many “old and unknown” transformers, or disregarding every rule when they want to.

I think the idea they are from/in China, and took their forms from there, millions of years ago or not, would make sense, but no way were they made there.

But hey the french-german supercar transforms into a giant samurai warrior, anything can happen.


My main idea is that they would be “China-affiliated”… I not only base this theory on the designs, or the fact that Chinese firms are funding the movie… but also from the positive result from Pacific Rim’s promo when they ran a poster in China showing off that “China has a Jaeger in this movie”.

So maybe the Chinese government didn’t make them. But I’m thinking Grimlock being the leader of a team of Chinese Super-Robots (who are good guys!) will appeal to the film’s Chinese market chances.

AND it will explain the “Me Grimlock” style of broken English to appease the G1-ers.

Still not too impossible that the dinobots would be made in China… It would be preposterous, sure… but a throwaway line like “China has unlocked the secrets of the AllSpark shards!” and then the robots come out with broken speech…and having the IQ of a child…

… And as the dinobots act “slow” and “stupid”, one of the Chinese scientists serves the punchline: “It’s a work in progress.”

That’s probably in line with the style of the previous films…

Again, not thinking in terms of “does it make sense”… only in terms of “What has Michael Bay gotten away with before?”

The guy has come a long way in that department from the “Will Smith should run with his shirt open even if it makes no sense” gag.


I know you are kidding, but I’m not talking about the snow - but his acting in that situation. I think he’s getting all those cool film jobs by having that scene, and only that scene, on his ‘previous job dvd’. :beer:


Well I thought the gunface was going to be Galvatron :shrug: oh well. Possibly was originally designed to be Galvatron but someone decided to change it. I still think Grimlock looks like the Zoid I posted on page 2.

However I’m getting the feeling that Galvatron will be rebuilt by Quintessons rather than Unicron but that we’ll have to wait and see.


Ah yes. Nobody paid any attention to Boogie Nights, Three Kings, The Departed, and the list goes on back to 1993.
The guy needed help like…bad! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good thing a ‘video game film’ that I hadn’t realized anybody had bothered making saved his career. :twisted:


Okay so here’s the new official trailer. Before watching be warned, I have to say what an EPIC FAIL this is. I can say that the teaser made more sense and had some glimmer of hope.


I don’t know if I should be crying at how the story is turning out :banghead: but I was ROFLMAO when he said I think we just found a Transformer. Well actually I was laughing at a lot of other moments in the trailer too.


That’s the only trailer I ever saw for this, so I continue to be excited. not sure how this has fail written all over it. Makes me want to see it, which means the trailer did its job.


Damn! I will watch this for the FX. Even if there is the slightest bit of story to help go from one cut to another, I am there.



Damn, have to say I’m impressed that they improved it in so little time.


So here’s trailer 2, beware there are alot of spoliers but is it worth spoiling?


I thought that it couldn’t get more funny or hilarious until I saw this, I LMAO. So Grimlock has a flamethrower and I’m just wondering, can you melt transformers with fire?


If I were a kid I would love it. Robots, dinosaurs, swords, explosions, hot chick what else can you possibly wish for :slight_smile:


More hot chicks?


That new trailer was amazing. I would have seen the film no matter what but I am actually really excited and impressed with that. Also, Mark W is a good choice - there is something hugely likeable about him.

Will be seeing.