Transformers: Age of Extinction


So here’s a teaser for the 4th installment of Transformers. I’m not really too keen on the chrome look for the Dinobots and why does Optimus Prime have a sword?

I wonder if that bird is Sky Lynx? I wonder if there’ll be Unicorn…oops Unicron in this?


However I still admire ILM’s work though.


Robot domestication…by other robots. How cute…:rolleyes:


I believe the bird thing to be Swoop or some other Bayverse version of a Dinobot.


It’s always weird how deep they dig into Transformers canon and then end up with still totally bizarro versions of everything.

Waiting for Wreck-gar and the sharkticons to show up.

Aside from a few guns it almost feels like some weird fantasy movie starring robots at this point. So many of them look like dragons, Optimus has a sword, etc.


Is that optimus prime with a sword or is it power rangers?


Arnold renderer?


Optimus had swords in the first movie already. Two of them, in fact, and used them to decapitate another robot.
Also, it’s not like that many of them were actually shot dead with guns in any of the movies… It seems to be more effective to cut each other to pieces.

Besides, the original toy came with an axe. Many other toys had close combat weapons too.


Yep, I was about to say. It’s a well known feature of the character.


I always counted those as some kind of arm blade things or energy axe, he never had a full on sword and shield really, especially riding a t-rex that looks like a dragon.

Anyway smashing slicing and punching combat is always more fun with these guys though for sure.


Mark Wahlberg > Shia Labeouf

Dinobots > No Dinobots

I’m cautiously excited.


Not quite accurate:




I heard this movie was made in China for the Chinese, was very relevance to that?


There was some filming in China, perhaps they got some Chinese funding, or a distribution deal there. It’s probably a similar case to Iron Man 3 though I don’t know if China is getting a different cut or not.


More transformery than any other transformation of a transformed transformerific transformated transfomiction!

What happened to the transformer kid? They could keep going until he is the transformer grandpa. All jokes aside you think ‘oh not another one’ but they will probably do another excellent job on this one, and that is no laughing matter.


Dammit Bay. I swore I would stop watching Transformers after the second one. And then the third. HOW DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME???

Plus - Dinobots…and they DO look as ridiculously awesome as I imagined.

I swear I wish I could show this to 13 year old Chris. I think his head would explode.

I like how they have almost gone ‘lighter’ in tone with this film. I originally heard that they were going all Batman Begins on it (dark, serious, ‘realistic’), but it seems like they are really embracing the complete insanity of the situation.

It worked well in The Avengers (not taking itself too seriously), but The Avengers had an incredible leading man (Sorry - it wasn’t ensemble…it was Tony Starks The Avengers).

But I still miss Megan Fox. Like her or hate her, she was the best part of the first 2 films.


Ha ha, I resemble that remark!


Look, every installment after the turd that was Transformers 2 is a damn masterpiece. I’ve come to expect robots fighting, and if there is anything that kind-of resembles a story, I’m in the theatre. I hope that Mark Wahlberg in there improves upon what Shia did.


I’ve always thought of the blades that come out of the wrists, were a redesign of the energon axe that Optimus Prime used in G1. However he only ever used it once in one episode and it was never seen again. I felt these redesigns were understandable but having him swing a claymore around, doesn’t look right.

Don’t get me wrong I love seeing robots in hand to hand combat and seeing parts fly all over the place. However I still think Optimus Prime should have a bad ass big gun, and the following clip can show you why-


I still can’t believe that the animated movie was 1986, it’s just timeless and still one of my favourite animated movies.

I don’t believe that’s swoop cause it has 2 heads, I did find a dragon like another autobot with 2 heads called DoubleCross…:shrug: will have to see.

I came across this photo and couldn’t help but post it, here’s Michael Bay with a green giant robot hand coming to get you(it’s apparently from the new movie too) :applause: this should be the storyline for his transformers movies it’s just brilliant-


This is why I’m more excited for this one. Maybe taking a bit of a cue from Pacific Rim and just having more fun. Bay already said they are getting away from the crude humor and all, so that’s a definite plus, but if they just make it a fun Transformers movie it could very well end up being the best one, and I’m a big fan of the first one. Just have a somewhat workable plot, don’t try to go all dark on it and should be good.

I showed my brother this and his first reaction was “Why the hell is Optimus RIDING Grimlock?” To which I just said, why WOULDN’T he be riding Grimlock, lol. I think the Dinobots are going to be a blast in this, I just hope they actually have some lines (If Grimlock doesn’t say “Me Grimlock…” I might riot).

Also, someone mentioned the two headed flying dinobot, and yea, that’s Swoop (or Strafe as I believe he is called now). Kind of a throwback to the two headed TerrorCons from the show.

…geezus I’m a nerd.


The 1st film ‘captured’ my attention for 30 minutes, the second film 5 minutes, I didn’t even finish the trailer for the 3rd, Mark Walhberg is a good fit, crap actor in a crap film, can’t believe anyones excited by this made for children nonsense… and this coming from someone who enjoyed Pacific Rim, the actors at least had some stage presence and didn’t have awful dialogue