Transformer ( Ion Saturn 1997 ), Dzung phungdinh (3D)


Title: Transformer ( Ion Saturn 1997 )
Name: Dzung phungdinh
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, mental ray

This is one of my old commission. i used the car Ion Saturn as reference , but it is hard to find a blue print of that car so i have to model it from various angle of reference photos.

modeling was done in max, rendering with mentalray


Good stuff, could you show more on the model, wire etc ?



thank you !
here is the concept art :

wip car model

i will post some image on the model soon :slight_smile:


Looking good looking forward to seeing the body :slight_smile:


perfect modeling and great render. congratulations!!


thank you for the comments ^^ !
here is the wire :

and some Wip of the whole body :slight_smile:

& test render pose :slight_smile: :


nice and beautiful robot.

well done.


Great Work, 5*! :smiley:
Hope for more renders!



Great work, perfect modeling and great render

5 stars for you


good job…


young and talent guy. Keep moving man !


Great work with the modeling.

Nice illumination and render, looks great.


wow, awesome work. keep it up!


very cooool!!
i give you 5 star:bounce:
keep going!!



what lighting setup and render settings did u use?? if i may ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Can it transform?


thank you so much for the comments ^^ i didnt expect 4 stars rating for this.
here is the lighting setup : ( quite simple :frowning: , the oval shape objects in viewport is white cylinders for reflection )


where did you use the HDRI image?


Fantastic work.


ah , yes , i used a HDRI image applied on a sphere which cover the whole scene . it 's for the main reflection of the scene , those white cylender is just for additional reflections :slight_smile: to make it looks like being in a show room.
thank you ! ^^


Ah…ok ok, so the HDRI you just used as a image…nothing fancy, for the main reflection