Transform problems and more



Please be patient with me because, although SI is my 3D program of choice and I love it,

I have is a list of problems which I’m unable to solve on my own.

  1. Transforms:

The intention is to place a bowl of fruit on a table in the 19th century kitchen shown in the first attachment.
The bowl group was made at a different scale and must be reduced.

If I try to use the scale tool or any of the transforms on a group of selected objects they do not stay together but randomly disperse (see attachments).

Is this normal? Isn’t there a way of keeping them together?

  1. Clicking on New Scene crashes SI.

  2. “This file cannot be opened”

I’ve submitted this problem before and Ohmanoggin suggested deleting the Preferences folder.
I have done this and it’s made no difference.

If anyone can help with any one of these I would greatly appreciate it.



Try “freeze all transforms”, it should work. Right click on the group -> select members -> Freeze All Transforms. Or you can parent all the objects to a null and transform the null.

About the crash I can’t help much… never happen to me. Try to open a new scene with Project Manager or try to see if the project path is correct…


Freeze all transforms worked!

Thanks so much for your very effective help.