Transform control with MaxScript.


Transform control with MaxScript.
I controlled the transform of the object.
Position = point3
Rotation = Quat
Scale = point3
This worked correctly.
However, if a child exists in the object, the child moves strangely.
For example
Parent Position: 0,0,0
Child’s position: 0,0,1
In this situation, if you use the viewport control and move the parent to 1, 0, 0, the children are in positions 1, 0, 1
However, when I move using the script, the child’s position is 1,0,0.
What is the problem?


It seems like a scale issue to me. If your parent object’s scale is something other than [1,1,1] or not uniformly scaled,the child’s movement will be strange, even stranger if some rotation is applied.

Nope.:rofl: no scale issue
in coorsys parent or local
before applying positions